Clear Intelligence Future Presentation Screencam

Here’s a recorded screencam version of the “Clear Intelligence Future: Simple, Seamless, Social, and Strategic” presentation. You can download a pdf version here and the PowerPoint version here (includes the Xcelsius dashboards).

You’ll probably want to put it into full screen mode to appreciate the demos…

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  1. Hi Timo,

    I have viewed your presentation with great interest. I think that the collaborative decision making process can also be enabled by changing the user experience and interaction. For example by introducing the multitouch table as a part of the high performance workplace.


  2. Michel,

    I’m not sure about multitouch “tables” — computers are eventually all going to be multitouch like the iPad, so why would you want it embedded in a piece of furniture? — but multitouch will certainly be a big help, by providing far more powerful “gestures”. E.g. with the Explorer for iPhone now, you can select by drawing a box, but there’s a lot more opportunity to use pinch, zoom, dragging things apart, etc…


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