I can’t move to the next slide – what’s wrong?

You have to click outside the tool in order to give mouse control back to PowerPoint – e.g. click on the header once before moving on.

“Some controls on this presentation can’t be activated. They might not be registered on this computer’

This is an error to do with Adobe Flash. If you reinstall the latest version of the Adobe Flash Reader, it should go away (and it may be browser dependant – try reinstalling using Internet Explorer if Chrome didn’t work, etc.)

The Tool Does Not Appear

You may have to enable Active X Macros. Instructions for Office 2007: If the bar below appears on the left, below the menu, click on Options and choose “enable this content”. You will have to do this each time you open the presentation.


If neither the PowerPoint ticker tool nor the bar above appear, go to the “office” button (the circle in the top left, with the office logo), and choose “PowerPoint Options” at the bottom of the menu box.


Then choose Macro Settings, “Disable macros with notification” and follow the previous steps


Finally, if it still doesn’t work, it may be that the is down or running slowly – apologies! Tell me if this happens, so I can complain to my provider…

You Get a Box Saying “#2032 Error”

This means that there is some problem with the XML that is being returned from Twitter. Either there are some strange characters in the search string, or you have hit the activity limits for your IP address. It may just be that Twitter Search is down – check at

Or, try copying this link into a browser, using your search term:

If the result looks like this, there have been too many recent calls to the Search API from your IP address, and you have to wait for a while.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?>


<error>You have been rate limited. Enhance your calm.</error>


This situation shouldn’t occur with a single presenter, but may happen if several people are all using the tool from a single office that has a single IP address, for example (e.g. SAP offices)

I keep getting #2048 errors

This is a flash security error, saying that you’re not authorized to do whatever you’re trying to do. You’ll typically see it when you try to use the update bar (which must be installed locally on your computer to have a chance of working). I’m not yet sure what causes this — works on my PC — maybe the security settings of PowerPoint?

If you see it for the other tool sets, it may be that Twitter has had a problem with Flash security settings. It’s probably temporary, but in the meantime, you might have more luck with the local version of the PowerPoint presentation – unzip the attachment to a directory. If you cut and paste slides into your own deck, you’ll also have to move the appropriate .swf files to the same directory as your PowerPoint presentation.

Autotweet used to work, but now doesn’t

You may be using the old add-in (if it doesn’t say “supertweet” on it, it’s the old one) — remove it, download the latest version, and reinstall.

  1. Hi Timo,

    I’m trying to use the voting functions for an upcoming CRM SIG event for some fun elements / participation from the audience, but cannot get the voting to work. I have tried the refresh options mentioned above. Not sure if this is the problem, but in S. Africa there is no short codes for SMS from phone, so I have been testing it with this # listed – +44 7624 801423, but no success. Does this work only on phones registered in Twitter ? This was my SMS msg content = @votebytweet warmer SAPCRMSIGTest. It works if I use my own twitter account / profile from my phone, but obviously, I expect very few people in audience to have their own Twitter accounts and that most would have to use SMS function from their phones to participate in the survey …

    Any suggestions / experiences on this ??


  2. Unfortunately, you do have to have a Twitter account to use the voting. I tried to use the +447624801423 number to associate my phone with my Twitter account, by sending “START”, as directed, but I’m not getting any reply (I’m in France).

    If I go to the page I get this text:

    Use Twitter with Text Messaging!
    Send a message with the word START to one of Twitter’s local short codes:
    (note that some carriers do not yet support Twitter)
    US: 40404
    Canada: 21212
    UK: 86444 (Vodafone, Orange and O2 customers)
    India: 53000 (Bharti Airtel customers)
    Indonesia: 89887 (AXIS customers)
    New Zealand: 8987 (Vodafone and Telecom NZ customers)

    — i.e. no mention of the +447624801423 number, so it looks like it now only works for those countries, sadly.

    By the way, I did look into trying to support SMS voting directly, but I couldn’t find a service that provided a cheap and convenient way of doing it…

  3. Hi Timo, you say that “if it still doesn’t work, it may be that the is down or running slowly”. Is there a chance that my presentation could work in set-up and then fail during the presentation for this reason? That would be quite serious for me.

    Also, I’ve just downloaded your excellent tool on my office computer, it works fine at home but I’m not sure if my problem here is that the version of Powerpoint is too old. The message states that the presentation was made on a newer version and thus active x controls have been made static. Struggling to find a way to ‘reactivate’ them, only how to write my own macros.

    I’d appreciate you help.


  4. There’s no guarantees, since Twitter itself sometimes has problems, and they typically respond by slowing down the “search” function first, which is used by the tools. If you’re worried about being available, feel free to download and use the tools offline. You’ll find the link here:

    The error message is due to Flash — if you go to the flash site and reinstall the latest version, it should go away…


  5. Hi Timo,

    Still trying to figure out this connection problem. I had Autotweet working on Feb 10 (see and now when I try to publish with the status updates, it shows a popup with “connection problem” and no Tweet goes out. The only change I can see was something to UAC but I can’t find where I originally changed that in the installation instructions. Help pls?

  6. Jesse, sorry, I’m afraid I don’t really know… it’s still working for me, so yes, it might well be some type of security issue, but unfortunately I know nothing about UACs… maybe also take a look at any logs from your firewall or virus protection software — In the past, I’ve had mysterious blockages that turned out to be my corporate software suddenly deciding that my home router was suspicious, etc.

  7. Hi Timo,

    Crazy question, I know, but in the instructions and troubleshooting there are references to possible connectivity issues with the sapweb20 server? Is that possible? I work from a home office and my testing last week (successful) and this week (not) are from the same computer on my home network.

  8. On the voting slide – It seems to be frozen. It says loading but then nothing ever comes up. Any ideas?

    On the ticker- even when I put in an alternative feed it still is pulling from twitter. The alternative feed works on the feedback slide though….

  9. Hi! I’m reviewing your nice app for an Italian IT magazine. Yet I’m worried because I can’t send messages through AutoTweet: I filled in the fields with my Twitter username, password, and hashtag and did as you explain in your video. Then I wrote the tweet into the slide, in the Notes field, framing it into [twitter] and [/twitter] tags, and viewed it in Presentation mode. A message was displayed: “An error occurred. Please check your username and/or password and resubmit”. That’s really weird because username and pw are certainly right!! I couldn’t use the Update Bar either. A 2048 error appeared. Maybe there’s a problem with Outlook? Or something regarding security settings?Thank you if you can reply as soon as possible! So that I can finish my article! :-)

  10. Sorry about the late reply — I was on vacation. I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what the issue is. The error message is saying that there’s a connection problem, either between you and the service, or between them and Twitter, but it’s hard to know where…

  11. I’m having a strange issue – the auto-tweet works for my first two tweets, but when the presentation gets to the third tweet it says an error occurred because my username and password are wrong. But it works fine 2 minutes before. Is there a way I can solve this issue?

  12. Hi Timo,

    Great idea! I have the twitter feed working, however only one of the people who tweeted has a picture, the others dont show – even thought they have pictures in twitter – any ideas?

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