Have A Great Internet-of-Things Easter!

easter egg banner

There’s vast new amounts of data available for analytics thanks to the rise of cheap, easy, convenient sensors in every aspect of corporate and personal life. Here’s a quick, silly example of the future internet of things using an Easter Egg:

What’s happening: inside the egg is a Twine device by Supermechanical:


The Twine comes with a variety of sensors that you can program using a web interface and download to the device – here’s the Twine rule I was using, below. It’s pretty straightforward – if you try to move the egg, the internal sensor detects the vibration, and tweets out the result, in this case generating an alert on my iPhone:


I could instead have used the Twine to update a website with temperature alerts, etc for further analysis.

In the future, we’ll see these types of sensors become ever-cheaper and easier to use, and it will be easy to automatically track every aspect of both business processes and our own lives. You can see more about this vision in this clip by SAP TV, read why it will be the next big thing, or read more about the research on the SAP Community Network site.

The possibilities (and challenges) for analytics are endless….