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WARNING: From March 5th, 2013,  Twitter will progressively drop support for RSS feeds, breaking the tools below (except the AutoTweet plugin, which I have updated to the new API).

I will try to find a solution, but no guarantees, I’m afraid… 


Ever wanted to make presentations a more interactive, Web 2.0 experience?

The PowerPoint Twitter Tools prototypes are now available. Created using SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius (but requiring only PowerPoint for Windows and Adobe Flash to run), the twitter tools allow presenters to see and react to tweets in real-time, embedded directly within their presentations, either as a ticker or refreshable comment page.

There are currently eight tools – you can easily cut and paste them into your own PowerPoint decks:

  • PowerPoint Twitter feedback slides
  • PowerPoint AutoTweet,
  • PowerPoint Twitter voting — bar charts and pie chart
  • PowerPoint Twitter ticker bar
  • PowerPoint Mood meter
  • PowerPoint Crowd meter
  • PowerPoint Zoom text
  • PowerPoint Twitter update bar


Download the PowerPoint presentation with embedded PowerPoint Twitter Tools as a .zip file (Office 2007)


Download the PowerPoint presentation with embedded PowerPoint Twitter Tools as .ppt file (Office 2003)

NOTE: Windows Only. See here for a Prezi prototype that works on a Mac



Read detailed instructions, frequently asked questions and troubleshooting



Display a feedback slide with questions and comments from Twitter

Get ahead of the backchannel! Put in feedback slides at regular intervals throughout your presentation, so you’re not the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on!

Original format:


Alternate format:


Worried about what the audience might say? Don’t worry – the tools support moderation with TidyTweet, which provides a free service to eliminate inappropriate tweets, either automatically (swear words) or manually.


The tools be preset and preconfigured for use in templates or presentations that others are going to give, and you can even use them within your organization in conjunction with a microblogging service such as http://status.net.


[NOTE : February 2013 — AutoTweet updated because of change to Twitter API. Existing versions will no longer work. Delete the previous version, download the new version below, and reinstall]

You can even tweet out your key points during the presentation using the PowerPoint AutoTweet functionality, available as a PowerPoint Add-in.

Install the add-in, then add the text that you want automatically tweeted between the tags [twitter] and [/twitter]. Only supported in PowerPoint for Windows (the idea is based on similar functionality already available for Keynote on the Macintosh).

Because it’s very hard to use the new “OAuth” verification now required by Twitter directly from Office products, I’ve used a service provided by Supertweet.net — you create an account on that site using your twitter username, but a different password, and then you use those credentials in the AutoTweet window below.

[UPDATE: this version doesn’t do umlauts well — Peter Claus Lamprecht of Praesentations Berater has kindly fixed the problem and provided a better version] Download the AutoTweet add-in (right-mouse click and “save as”) for PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2003 (apparently this version works best for PowerPoint 2010, too) [UPDATE: this version doesn’t do umlauts well — Peter Claus Lamprecht of Praesentations Berater has kindly fixed the problem and provided a better version]

Real-time voting over Twitter

Make sure the audience doesn’t have time for snarky tweets by engaging them — let them vote on choices by sending a tweet! Chart choices include pie chart, or two to six choices, and up to 100 votes. If all is functioning smoothly, you can get votes from the audience in around 30 seconds.


Display a real-time twitter Bar at the bottom of each slide

A separate feedback slide isn’t real-time enough for you? The twitter ticker bar can sit at the bottom of each PowerPoint slide, displaying the ten latest tweets that contain a particular search string. Status is maintained across slide transitions.



Mood Meter

This is a variation on voting. Perfect for debates, it allows participants to signal their agreement or disagreement with a proposition over the course of a presentation (e.g. “Is SAP doing innovation in the Web 2.0 world?)


Crowd Meter

When you want to take a break from using Twitter for interaction, try the PowerPoint Crowd Meter – monitors and displays the noise of the crowd in the room, and shows the maximum volume over the last ten seconds – use it for crowd voting!


PowerPoint Zoom Text

Choose the text you’d like to see zooming into the screen – click on values to swoop them into the center:



Watch this space for more information about this technology. Contact me if you’d like more information! timo.elliott@sap.com or follow news about the project on http://twitter.com/sapweb20

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  6. Hi Timo, great work!
    It would be even greater if it could be supported by open office… did you try recently with the new version?

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  27. Hi,

    I’m wondering if this will work in PowerPoint Office 2004 for Mac? I’d really like to use this for an upcoming presentation, but I only have Office 2004 on my Mac, not Prezi.

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  29. I had a lot of trouble posting the ticker bar into my master slide. 2 tips.(1) the ticker bar is not the button that enables the ticker bar but the invisible bit below that appears when activated.Pasting the activation button by itself doesnt help. (2) You need to save your presentation in powerpoint 2007 as a macro-enabled file. Some problems with the syntax for the keyword command it doesnt recognize my close quotes and treats it as a character? In any case beautiful work- now for the fun part!

  30. I am hoping to use your tools in my university lectures. I have placed the “feedback” slide into my lectures so that students can tweet questions during class. Unfortunately, my experimental tweets won’t appear on the feedback slide. I’ve used a unique hastag and matched it in my tweets (in addition to the @votebytweet), but nothing. I’ve read through all of your troubleshooting materials, too. It did appear once, but it took hours for it to appear on the powerpoint presentation. Has the SAP site been down? Are you still supporting these functions? Any help would be great.

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  33. Sorry about the delay in replying. It’s not clear whether you see the feedback slide, and there’s no tweets visible, or you don’t see the feedback slide at all (i.e. there’s no word bubbles visible). If it’s the latter, you may want to try the “local” version, where the flash .swf file is on your PC: http://www.sapweb20.com/blog/ppttools/powerpoint_twitter_tools_local.zip.

    If it’s the former, it may be because of an “unusual” character in the hashtag that isn’t being picked up correctly in the search, or it may be simply that Twitter was down / slow for a while (the tweets themselves don’t go through any SAP server, so any delays are from Twitter itself).

    Finally, let me know if you’re using PowerPoint 2010 — I heard a rumor that one of the point updates didn’t support the embedded Flash files for a while…


  34. Timo,
    I am STOKED to have “Googled-upon” your incredible talent and that it appears to work with MSO2010.
    Thanks for your dedication to making presentations more than just that.

  35. Hi,

    Try http://www.supertweet.net/ – this site should handle the oAuth stuff on Twitter for you. You’ll only have to change the URL to api.supertweet.net instead of Twitter.com. Unfortunatly the end-user will have to create an extra password at SuperTweet.net but that’s real easy.

    Hope this helps,

    Patrick Mackaaij

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  38. Hi,

    I am having real problems with using the Twitter auto-function within PowerPoint. I have used it previously to great effect, but today I am receiving the tweet status update telling me that there is a problem with my log in/password details!

    I have triple checked all settings, including checking my Twitter account and all details ARE correct.

    I am using the 2007 tool within PPT 2010 (this has previously worked fine)

    Can you please advise? I have an unconference on 16/09/10 and really want to demo this functionality.



  39. Craig,

    Twitter turned off “basic authorization”, and it seems near-impossible to implement OAuth directly in VBA. For now, I’ve turned to a service called “supertweet” — download the new version of the plugin, sign up for a supertweet account, and then use that username and password to use AutoTweet…


  40. I’ve downloaded the new plugin and have set up a SuperTweet but I’m stuck at that point, the SuperTweet site just sends me in circles????

    Any advice?


  41. The newest version of the plugin doesn’t contain anything that is recognised by PPT when I attempt to install the plug-in.

  42. The download link reads autotweet.ppg, not .ppa. When renaming, I#ve got an error message: “Autotweet ist kein gültiges Add-in”.

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