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Data is the new oil? Absolutely! Toxic if mishandled…

Are we really ready for the consequences of networked home appliances and the Internet of Things?


What will happen when preventative maintenance meets health?!


Are you still torturing your data? There’s a better way:

torturing the data

What is a data scientist?

a data scientist is a business analyst that lives in california

Data scientists are the new rock stars:


Careful your data lake doesn’t turn into a data swamp:


And make sure your various analytic efforts don’t turn into “data puddles“:

we call them our data puddles cartoon

Big data marketing can be creepy:


What chance does data have?!

strong opinions

It doesn’t take a fortune teller to know that Predictive Analytics is the future.

predictive future

Big Data might well be important for your next job:


What’s the real business benefit of in-memory processing?

in-memory processing benefits

The problem with most analytics is that it’s not fast enough

the problem with most analytics

Hadoop is great — although they sometimes seem like they’re reinventing the wheel:

looks similar, but this one is hadoop

Finance isn’t sure about Hadoop, either:

not sure about this hadoop thing 690

Are you making the most of your dark data?

Dark Data in the Cellar

How much could YOUR organization save if you had reliable, consistent information?

we waste 2 million arguing

Never let anybody tell you that failure is not an option…

failure was an option

Here’s one way to optimize data warehousing performance!

How to Optimize Your Data Warehouse Performance

What’s next in Big Data? Well, I daringly predict that there will be more of it…

Data Privacy is important… please help.

You want my metadata 608

A lot of analytics just seems completely made up:

bad news statistics

Use the right technology for the right type of analytics…

I'm just not that into you

Who’s data is it?



So you think YOUR definition of Big Data is the only correct one? Go jump in a data lake…


Are you SURE you want to complain about data privacy?

Some think that artificial intelligence is the next “killer feature”

This self-driving car has a killer feature

We all need help justifying our opinions, right?


Do you spend too much time debating what terms mean in analytics, and not enough time actually dealing with problems?!

Data is the new currency of business?!

The three Vs of big data? (Volume, Velocity, Variety). All your boss cares about is the 4Ms — Make Me More Money!

No, I’m afraid we can’t just make it up — this is business, not politics!

I don’t like those facts… do you have any others?!

Are you so busy trying to build the perfect analytics infrastructure that you don’t actually spend time helping people with analytics?!

Analytics charts to take to a desert island?!

You can lead a boss to data, but you can’t make him think!


So far, our Big Data investments have just made your stupidity more scalable!


Are your analytics folks so incompetent that they can’t even juggle the numbers properly?!

“Your way sounds data-driven and rational. But I’m not!”

We already tried using facts — so now it’s time for a different approach!

How real-world executives often react to their new dashboards!

The data may well be on your side — but that might not be enough!

Executives can only avoid bad news for so long…

Next time your boss asks for a breakdown of the numbers?

It’s important to tell stories with your data and dashboards!

“Gut feel” has a long history in analytics! Are you doing it right, though?

Here’s the only speed-related metric that executives care about!

What’s the point of a data lake? It’s so you can drown in data even faster!

How the average analytics system works…

What most analytic architectures look like — shiny front end, horrible plumbing!

Is innumeracy a real problem in analytics?!

A heat map to keep you warm, some pie chart and a donut chart to eat, sipping your bar chart drinks while sitting at a data table, illuminated by the soft glow of the candlestick chart as the waterfall chart gurgles behind you… what more could you want?

Hybrid? Best-of-breed? Or just ugly?!

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  1. Love your cartoons, Timo – great for my geeky mathematician audience at an upcoming conference! May I insert a few into my deck? Thank you very much!


  2. I am not sure, if it is funny or sad. 🙂 May I borrow some of cartoons for our BI team presentation (just internal use)? Thank you!

  3. Hi Timo,
    Love your cartoons. May I use some of them for my presentation (to be used at an upcoming BI conference)?

  4. Dear Timo,

    I’m just amazed by your cartoons! They hit the point!
    I must hold two presentations on the CeBIT in Hannover. Do you mind if I use some of your cartons? I would be very thankful!

    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Timo !

    Awesome cartoons!
    I can’t choose which is the best illustration..

    you make your point in each of them . I am tempted to ask for permission in case I one of your creations for my presentation.

    Thank you!

  6. Hello,

    May I please use the ‘no it’s my data’ cartoon in a presentation focused on ‘Data Ethics and Evaluation’ at the University of Leeds?


  7. Fantastic Cartoons Mr. Elliott! I enjoy how well you’ve captured our world. My small company had a successful data warehouse POC. Our team is taking us to the next level with an option for a data lake in the future. We have a presentation in April. May I use one or more of these cartoons? I will give you credit. Regards, L

  8. These are excellent! I’m writing some articles intended to help students understand the data analytics/data science landscape. May I use some of these images?

  9. hello Timo,
    please i would love to use some of your cartoon on analytics to help drive home my points on my linkedin page. credit would be given for all pictures.

  10. These are very excellent! I’m writing some presentation to describe why we have to gathering data in our business. ay I use some of these images?

  11. Hello Timo,
    With your permission, we would like to use some of your cartoons for internal training materials, project workspaces on internal intranet and discussion papers. Just internal use.

  12. Hello Timo,

    May I please use some of your cartoons in an internal presentation focused on Data Quality and Big Data?

  13. Hi Timo,

    Great cartoons!

    With your permission, I would like to post some of your cartoons to my and my company’s social media accounts as well as the Power BI User Group.

    My apologies if my message is getting posted twice.

    Awaiting your response.

    Thank you,

  14. Hi Timo,

    I really like your cartoons and with your permission, I would like to publish them on my social networking profiles.

    I have commented before as well, but for reasons unknown my comments are not showing up.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Vishesh Jain

  15. Timo, these cartoons are awesone! Loved, loved, loved them!
    With your permission, I’d love to use them in presentations to my team, if that’s okay?
    Would you mind some LinkedIn exposure too?
    (With full credit, of course)
    Keep on the good work!

  16. Hi Timo Sir,

    Great cartoons!

    With your permission, I would like to use your cartoons for a book chapter writing for easy understanding of students.
    Please permit sir.

    Awaiting your response.
    Thank you,

  17. Hi Timo Sir,

    Thank you for great cartoons!

    With your permission, I would like to use your cartoons for a internal presentation to drive the data analytics’ value.
    I’ll be appreciated if you permit my request.

    I’ll wait for your response.
    Thank you,

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