Artificial Intelligence Cartoons

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How not to explain AI to your boss! (“his decisions aren’t any better than yours — but they’re WAY faster…”)

The good news is that AI can be used to find inefficiencies. The bad news is that you may be one of them!

The future of digital assistants?! “I have been sent from the future to kill you! Also, you have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow…”

The next generation of analytics uses deep learning to make sure the analytics agree with your preconceptions!

We’ve outsourced all our critical business decisions to a flawed algorithm with insufficient, bad-quality data — what could possibly go wrong?!

I, for one, am ready to greet our new robot overlords!

When will we know if robots are really getting intelligent? When they demand equal pay!

Machine learning algorithms are now better at vision that people! (for some of us, that’s no real surprise…)

Predictions are only as good as your data!

What’s the big advantage of incumbents in the world of artificial intelligence? Data!

It’s as we’ve always feared! The toaster has become sentient!

AI bias can be a problem! “Actually, yes, we did let an algorithm choose the shortlist of candidates… why do you ask?”

The good news is that you’re perfectly healthy. The bad news is that you may be dead soon…

The latest technologies can even help Santa with his predictions…

Rights for robots, anyone?!

Are data scientists the ultimate trend setters?

Another great year of progress in Artificial Intelligence!