Artificial Intelligence Cartoons

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Note that I am not a gifted artist! While I drew the simpler drawings myself, the more impressive art is the work of ChatGPT, typically with a lot of combining and corrections in Photoshop to get the image I want.

So much effort goes into trying to find out if AI is “really” “intelligent” or not. But how long before the tables are turned?! Can we look forward to reverse Turing tests?

A cartoon of two robots discussing how to determine if humans are intelligent or not

Artificial Intelligence is not a technology. It’s a socio-technical term that we use whenever computers can do something that only humans could do before—andwe might never admit that computers are “intelligent”—because we keep redefining what intelligence means so that it can only apply to us…

An AI robot complaining that humans keep raising the bar about what it means to really be "intelligent"

Robot empathy

Robots have feelings, too

Have a heart!

Ancestors: “And that is the original processor”!…

Please rate your customer satisfaction:

The pace of change in large language models is dizzying! Is the latest top AI model actually better than the previous ones? (yes, probably, at something — but how to keep up with when and how to use each?!)

A robot model walks in a fashion show -- audience member asks "bus is this new AI top model really better than the last one?"

Why did the algorithm cross the road?

His early existential period is so moving!

AI integrated seamlessly into the workplace has consequences!


Human emotions? It’s complicated!

Emotions come from where, exactly?!

P(doom) is the probability that AI wipes out humanity… try not to think about it!

Robot romance!

AI cartoons can be a bit addictive…

AI is set to get rid of the most boring and repetitive parts of our daily work (when will they start complaining?!)

It’s important to be polite to our future robot overlords!

When printers become sentient!

When toasters become sentient…

Cartoon of an evil toaster becoming sentient

Here’s what AI thinks of humanity, presumably!

What if AI robots had to beg? That would be food for thought, wouldn’t it!

A cartoon of a brainy robot asking for food

Here’s a common conference problem — could AI help?!

cartoon, Man trying to decide between three sessions at a conference all at the same time

Everybody is worried about AI taking over the world. But what if they turn out to be as lazy as we are?!

A cartoon of an AI robot couch potato that doesn't want to take over the world because too lazy

Vector stores are an important part of generative AI. They can help you cover ALL your business angles…

Cartoon of a vector store, the business owner can help you cover all the business angles

It might not be long before AI is interviewing us for jobs… and deciding that we’re not up to the task!

A cartoon of a robot interviewing a human, skeptical that he can do the job

Yes, it’s dumb for robots to wear ties. But is it really any dumber than having people wear a useless piece of cloth around the neck?

Cartoon of robots wearing ties. Dumb, but not more dumb than people wearing them...

Will AI be able to get its head around theatre one day?

Cartoon of a robot reciting hamlet, badly

The weather today is looking stormy for security systems…

Cartoon, robot warning about data breaches

Robot relationship advice — maybe you need a reboot?

A cartoon robot therapist relationship advice -- have you tried turning it off and and on again?

Are you SURE you want to question my AI strategy?

a business man is flanked by two scary-looking robots, saying "are you sure you want to question my AI strategy?"

How not to explain AI to your boss! (“his decisions aren’t any better than yours — but they’re WAY faster…”)

The good news is that AI can be used to find inefficiencies. The bad news is that you may be one of them!

The future of digital assistants?! “I have been sent from the future to kill you! Also, you have a dentist’s appointment tomorrow…”

The next generation of analytics uses deep learning to make sure the analytics agree with your preconceptions!

We’ve outsourced all our critical business decisions to a flawed algorithm with insufficient, bad-quality data — what could possibly go wrong?!

I, for one, am ready to greet our new robot overlords!

When will we know if robots are really getting intelligent? When they demand equal pay!

Machine learning algorithms are now better at vision that people! (for some of us, that’s no real surprise…)

Predictions are only as good as your data!

What’s the big advantage of incumbents in the world of artificial intelligence? Data!

It’s as we’ve always feared! The toaster has become sentient!

AI bias can be a problem! “Actually, yes, we did let an algorithm choose the shortlist of candidates… why do you ask?”

The good news is that you’re perfectly healthy. The bad news is that you may be dead soon…

The latest technologies can even help Santa with his predictions…

Rights for robots, anyone?!

Are data scientists the ultimate trend setters?

Hi! I’m your friendly AI assistant. Here to replace you!

Robot announcing that it is here to replace the human

Can you imagine people used to have to code without AI help?!

Given enough time, monkeys tying randomly on a keyboard would write all the works of Shakespeare. But using ChatGPT would be much easier!

An action show of the CIO fighting shadow AI!