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This page is just a place to put cartoons that don’t fit under the other categories (often when I’m annoyed about something!)…

Please feel free to use these cartoons in your presentations, university courses, books etc, for free, as long as you drop me at line to let me know what you have planned (telliott at timoelliott dot com),

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Getting meta…

a meta cartoon!

Want to be agile? Make sure you’re not being pulled in every direction!

Do your computer systems need simplifying?! Maybe you only need to keep what “sparks joy“!

Effective computer security, the ultimate protection from notPetya, meltdown, and spectre?

When it comes to security, some organizations are old school!

A castle with moat and sharks showing high security

This may be a little close to the bone. But it would be nice to keep certain types of bad people out of organizations. Could predictive HR help?

Cartoon of a cocky male executive and an HR system that predicts his bad behavior

Modern bargaining (brexit, tariffs, etc)

Watch out! here comes the intelligent enterprise!

Bad actions should have bad consequences!

Cartoon from 2017. Narrow escape (so far?)

Blunt scissors, thankfully…

Eventually, results count more than promises… you can’t escape data.

Cartoon Eventually, results count more than promises... you can't escape data.

It really seems like people go out of their way to make travel as pointlessly miserable as possible…

Airport design teams making it more miserable to get to your plane, so they can sell you more stuff

cartoon of an airport design team trying to make it as miserable as possible to get to your plane

Corporate travel policies seem finely calibrated to be painful:

Cartoon, woman saying "if you still want to travel, the corporate policy isn't miserable enough yet"

When you get “busy” at work!

Cartoon of a man saying he would love to help, but he's too busy making cartoons

“I know, let’s invite 500 people and bore them stupid!”

Your meeting should have been an email. A hand holding burning money.

Along the same lines — how much money is your meeting costing us all?

Cartoon: the purpose of this meeting is to illustrate how much money we waste in meetings (with a pile of burning money on the table)

A handy image that could be used to describe the mood in the image above:

business people looking angry, with spikes and pitchforks

Bad news: events in politics are outpacing satire. Good news: events in science and technology are outpacing fiction.

Bad news: events in politics are outpacing satire. Good news: events in science and technology are outpacing fiction.

The Miriam-Webster word of the year was ‘authentic’—so in order to celebrate ironically, I let AI create this image for me:

The word of the year is Authentic -- so I decided to illustrate it with something phony

Here’s one of the biggest dangers in the corporate world today:

Procurement is hard — there are so many different tradeoffs… the good news is that AI can help:

Sometimes, procurement people get in the way of people doing their jobs. Grrr.

Hey! What are you complaining about? That phone was half price!

Trust is built in drips and lost in buckets!

We care enough to do employee surveys, but not enough to actually act on them.

A cartoon about ignoring employee feedback

Burning bridges

A cartoon showing a burning bridge between two cliffs

Back to office vs work from home cartoon. Our people are our most important asset. Which is why I’ve decided you all need to spend time in traffic.

A CEO pointing to a back to office slide. "Our people are our most important asset. Which is why I've decided you all need to spend time in traffic".

Goodwill is important…

Corporate structuring is always so precision-targeted. It’s amazing!

He died doing what he loved…

There have recently been lots of employee layoffs across the tech sector, often with packages for the oldest and more experienced (and more expensive) employees. The customers of those companies must be delighted to see all that knowledge leave the building…

Cartoon about layoffs of experienced employees: a CEO on stage announces to an audience of customers: "Great news customers! We have successfully offboarded thousands of our most experienced product experts!"