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Note that I am not a gifted artist! While I drew the simpler drawings myself, the more impressive art is the work of ChatGPT, typically with a lot of combining and corrections in Photoshop to get the image I want.

Too much jargon! Are you “pushing the envelope”?

Everybody wants innovation — but not necessarily the consequences that go with them

yes to innovation no to change

It’s easy to give up on innovation after the first setbacks:innovation no tried that once

It’s important not to be too busy to think about innovation…too-busy-for-innovationBecause your competition isn’t going to stand still.


It’s also easy to kill off any enthusiasm for employee innovation with too much bureaucracy and barriers

Killing innovation

When you are ready for innovation, you have to think out of the box — which can be hard!

It's hard to think out of the boxA change of scenery can help:

you know what you need? a change of air

Design thinking is a great tool to get around the problems you see in your business:


IT agility is very important


But before you start changing the game, make sure you know what game you’re playing:


The complexity of your existing systems can get in the way of innovation

Over time, your organization may have built up complex systems that no longer make sense (except to those who feel their jobs are threatened?!)

Cloud technology may help you innovate with more agility… cloud agility

In order to innovate, you have to “fail fast, fail forward”Failure-to-innovate

Innovators have to learn that having a good idea isn’t enough — you can’t just hand it over to somebody else to execute, you have to push it yourself:


But smart companies will put processes in place to help pioneers move their innovations forward:


At the end of the day, innovation is hard work — but it’s worth it!


Personal cloud solutions are all the rage…


Alexa, what’s the next big breakthrough in computer interfaces?!

How about — bear with me here — we actually try to change something?!

Do you have problems thinking outside the box?

Unauthorized drone usage? You’re suspended!

Fed up with talk about digital disruption? You’re not the only one!


Top executive tip — promise what you can’t deliver!

Beware of executives reading airline magazines!

You have to “skate to where the puck will be” — or do you?!

Why is so much “innovation” just so… small-minded?

Hey, it’s really important for all of us to embrace change! (you go first!)

Agility vs consistency?

Innovation in large organizations can be hard work…

Innovation is hard to do on a silo-by-silo basis!

Go be an innovation hero! And make sure you fulfill all these KPIs…

Are you a thought leader?!

It seems like some folks will go out of their way to reject innovation. Which is the better excuse? “Yes, but will it scale?” or “I’ll need an ROI case”?!

Innovation backlog is a big problem…

Culture eats technology for breakfast!

Ageism in technology? Nice try, Grandpa!

Diversity is good. Ageism is bad. Both old and young have much to bring — it’s not supposed to be a contest!

What innovation looks like in most organizations, sadly…

Trying to win over the audience… and failing.

Is your spaghetti code getting in the way of innovation? Here’s how it’s made…

When it comes to innovation, it’s important to see the big picture!

When it comes to innovation, some decisions are harder than others!

You know where your custom code should go…

Invest in ground-breaking technology!

And, again, it’s important to embrace change rather than resisting it. But this is what change looks like to most people… 

Are you waiting to go to the cloud? This could be the big sign you’ve been waiting for!

A big sign in the sky saying "cloud"

Here’s a common enough problem in modern organizations when it comes to innovation:

Cartoon: I've tried doing nothing and now I'm out of ideas...

You don’t want to be the CEO or CIO that got left behind when everybody else innovated:

An unhappy cloudless CEO surrounded by papers and filing cabinets

Still looking after your own computer infrastructure? It might be time to swap it for some cloud innovation!

Business man wants to swap his infrastructure for some cloud innovation and agility

If you’re looking to innovate in your organization, it’s important to meet in the right place…

A cartoon of a woman inviting people into the "Room for Improvement"

If you’re in charge of technology, it’s important to be able to talk the language of business, or you may get ignored!

Cartoon of a CIO talking to a business crowd using jargon they don't care about

Are you SURE you want to be on the cutting edge of innovation?!

Cartoon of a robot with swords, on the cutting edge of innovation!

I mean, this is always an option, right?

Cartoon about innovation: "Actually, I'd rather do nothing"

If you’re moving your on-premise systems to the cloud, it’s important to have a clean core…

Cartoon of two workmen cleaning a gigantic apple core: "In order to be successful in the cloud, the team knew they needed a clean core"

Young people today, they have no idea about the innovation we lived through…

Two cavemen saying "kids today have no sense of history -- it's as if they just don't care what it was like before we had fire!"

A tryptic on change inside organizations. Who wants change / who wants to change…

And more diverse versions:

What? You’ve never seen a lean startup before?

Having a clean core is really important for innovation…

Everybody wants transformation and innovation, nobody wants disruption:


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        Hi Timo

        I work for an NGO in Ireland and am also in the throes of an academic course on frontline management. I would love to use 1 of your cartoons (What innovation? Can’t you see I’m too busy?!) in a reflective piece I am writing for my course. Is that alright with you?

        Mairead Conroy

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    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Carolin, thank you for letting me know, and good luck with your presentations… the hardest part about any “technology innovation” is people: culture, organization, process, incentives, etc. — organizations should spend as much time on these things as they do on the technology (but they never do!).

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