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Everybody wants innovation — but not necessarily the consequences that go with them

yes to innovation no to change

It’s easy to give up on innovation after the first setbacks:innovation no tried that once

It’s important not to be too busy to think about innovation…too-busy-for-innovationBecause your competition isn’t going to stand still.


It’s also easy to kill off any enthusiasm for employee innovation with too much bureaucracy and barriers

Killing innovation

When you are ready for innovation, you have to think out of the box — which can be hard!

It's hard to think out of the boxA change of scenery can help:

you know what you need? a change of air

Design thinking is a great tool to get around the problems you see in your business:


Technology is often the trigger for new opportunities — but beware that it’s not a SCAM


IT agility is very important


But before you start changing the game, make sure you know what game you’re playing:


The complexity of your existing systems can get in the way of innovation


Over time, your organization may have built up complex systems that no longer make sense (except to those who feel their jobs are threatened?!)



Cloud technology may help you innovate with more agility… cloud agility

In order to innovate, you have to “fail fast, fail forward”Failure-to-innovate

Innovators have to learn that having a good idea isn’t enough — you can’t just hand it over to somebody else to execute, you have to push it yourself:


But smart companies will put processes in place to help pioneers move their innovations forward:


At the end of the day, innovation is hard work — but it’s worth it!


Personal cloud solutions are all the rage…


Alexa, what’s the next big breakthrough in computer interfaces?!

How about — bear with me here — we actually try to change something?!

Do you have problems thinking outside the box?

Unauthorized drone usage? You’re suspended!

Fed up with talk about digital disruption? You’re not the only one!


Top executive tip — promise what you can’t deliver!

Beware of executives reading airline magazines!

You have to “skate to where the puck will be” — or do you?!

Why is so much “innovation” just so… small-minded?

Hey, it’s really important for all of us to embrace change! (you go first!)

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  1. Hello Timo,
    These cartoons are a great and I would like to use some on our internal company website. The use is non-commercial and meant to inspire more innovation in our company.
    I will of course give credit to you. May I have your permission?

  2. Hello Timo,

    may I use some of these cartoons for an internal team meeting ? This is not commercial.

  3. Hello Timo,

    I hope you’re well.

    Would it be possible to use these cartoons internally?



  4. Hello Timo,

    These cartoons are great! May I use some of them (by giving reference to your website) for an internal team meeting ? This is not commercial.


  5. Hi Timo,

    As others have expressed, these are brilliant cartoons that we would like to use for presentation purposes within our organization, to illustrate the common pitfalls and help promote a more innovative culture. What is the process for requesting permission for such use?

    Thank you,

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