Are You Still Torturing Your Data?

torturing the data

Are you still torturing your data to get what you want? There’s now a better way.

The next generation of business analytics tools include more “magic“, — in other words, they automatically analyze the data for you and make default proposals for what you might find interesting.

For example, SAP Infinite Insight takes the manual, repetitive analysis activities that are prone to human error and automates them, picking the right algorithm for your business problem with a model built for accuracy and optimal results.

This makes analysis easier, faster, and cheaper, so companies can do things like figure out the right customers for offer special phone rates for skiers, even in one of the flattest countries on earth — and do it before the end of the ski season.

Some of this advanced technology is also included in SAP Lumira — for example, to automatically propose the best “related visualizations” based on the data available.

related visualizations in SAP Lumira

Some people will always need advanced analytics and deep data discovery. But the rest of us? Maybe we’ll be able to put our torture instruments down and let the data do the talking…





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