BI 2.0 News Briefs

More on how Web 2.0 companies are helping people collect, analyze, and share structured information — i.e. providing some of the functionality now associated with business intelligence vendors.

“The application describes a system for verifying listing information submitted by users, such as a merchant might enter when providing data to the Google Local Business Center about his or her business.”

  • Information feeds: InformationWeek talks about how Twitter can be used to provide real-time information feeds:

“Twitter users send and read messages using a variety of channels: The Web, SMS, instant messaging, and RSS. The service also has an API for building third-party applications, which are springing up like weeds. These include applications to provide weather reports, tell the status of various lines on the London Underground, and provide earthquake information for Silicon Valley.”

  • Data storage and linking: Freebase‘s contributors are:

“collecting data from all over the internet to build a massive, collaboratively-edited database of cross-linked data.”

“analyse data from enterprise information systems such as email servers and instant messenger tools to map social networks, information flows and collaborations throughout the enterprise.”

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