Business Objects Gets Greater Inxight

At the European Insight User Conference, Business Objects just announced the purchase of Inxight, a text analytics company. (Welcome!)

Inxight Founder Ian Hersey and Marge Breya, CMO of Business Objects, announcing the intention to purchase, on stage at the European Insight User Conference in Berlin.

The worlds of structured and unstructured analysis are (finally) coming together in tangible ways.

Inxight has powerful text analysis algorithms (in more than 30 different languages and >220 file formats), and provides Business Objects with a wealth of new ways to view and analyze information. Here’s a few quick graphical links to get to the heart of what Inxight can do.

Federated search

Integrated search across internal documents and data, the internet, and subscription content, with monitoring and personalized alerts.

Search extender for Google

Combine information from Google and other search sources, add context and alerts to “raw” Google searches.


Thing finder

Automatically identifies and extracts key entities or other “things” from any text data source, in multiple languages, with no setup or manual creation of rules required.

Star trees

interactive, visual representation of hierarchical or network relationships.

Some examples on the web:


Shows information along a 3D interactive timeline.


Visual representation and analysis of records-oriented data


Quick, smart generation of summaries from text content, automatically including hyperlinks to things like key concepts, thesauruses, similar content, relevant web sites, etc.

There are going to be lots of new opportunities opening up as structured and unstructured comes together, and lots of blog postings. As always, I’m interested in your thoughts on how these worlds relate… How do you see the future?