Making the World a Better Place?

Insight Logo

A new site launches today, sponsored by Business Objects. Insight is designed as a community site for anybody who cares about using information to make the world a better place.

Initial content includes an “information challenge” around reducing carbon footprints, a space for sharing interesting visualizations, and a blog, hosted by me, which will deal with examples of using information to improve businesses and communities, in the widest sense.

There’s also an open book project, hosted by Bernard Liautaud, the founder of Business Objects, on the theme of “How the next-generation enterprise can transform itself and achieve performance breakthroughs through the effective use of Intelligence”.

Yes, it’s partly about marketing. But I’m a fervent believer in the basic premise — making more information available to more people can absolutely help transform the world.

All cynicism aside, if we can manage to develop a community, the community itself can figure out which way this site should go in the future. Please check it out, tell me what you think, and tell me about any other sites or organizations we should be working with to really make a difference.