What Executives Want from BI?

Joe McKendrick recently posted on the ongoing difficulties faced by companies trying to use business intelligence effectively, especially for executive users:

Many of today’s BI solutions, in fact, ‘have only exacerbated the amount of information that is bombarding senior management and left it up to them to decipher, collate and try to find the nuggets of useful and relevant information for their particular responsibility.’

What executives really want is shown below — although I suspect it might take a while…

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And as for this comment from the same posting, see previous cartoon here.

“Sometimes one wonders if working more on gut feel back in the good ol’ days was easier and more effective.”

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  1. What lies between “gut feel” and magic when it comes to decision-making?

    Timo Elliott over at the BI Questions blog had some great cartoons on this topic – this one about “gut-feel” and this one about what executives want from BI. These are both genuinely funny but they also point out a…

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