Adding Text and Search to BI — Are Customers Ready?

Business Objects turns Inxight into insight: following the purchase of text analytics leader Inxight, Business Objects launched two new products today: “Text Analysis” and “Intelligent Search

Here’s my take:

  • The integration process has been excellent — the new products are out just four months after the acquisition was announced.
  • The products are integrated, not just rebadged. For example, existing WebIntelligence and Crystal Reports users will be able to access text analytics directly through their familiar interfaces.
  • I’m biased, of course, but It’s very cool technology:
    • Key concepts recognized “out of the box”, such as dates, people, addresses, URLs, companies, etc.
    • Intelligent categorization based on taxonomies (a complaint is a complaint, even if it doesn’t use the word)
    • Automatic document summaries that change automatically according to the user’s interests
    • Automatic alerts if a new document matches an existing search, or whenever a document changes
    • etc…
  • Here’s a quick overview of the new technology, and click on the image below to get a demo.


Now the interesting question: Business Objects is making it as easy as possible for its customers to implement and use the new technology options — are they ready?