How’s Your BI Maturity?

Wayne Eckerson and I will be presenting two web seminars this week on the subject of putting TDWI’s BI Maturity Model to Practice:


RecordingBenchmarking Your BI Maturity Overview
Provides an overview of the five stages of the BI Maturity model and the two major obstacles – the Gulf & Chasm. The goal is to demonstrate how the model can be used to help assess and evolve any BI/DW program.

September 25 at 12:00 pm Eastern
Spanning the Gulf: Getting Traction for Your BI Solution
Explains the symptoms of the Gulf and provides prescriptions for making a clean crossing into a BI environment that delivers tangible business value. If you’re having difficulty getting traction for your BI solution, you’re probably stuck in the Gulf – a confluence of obstacles and challenges that affect early-stage BI projects.

September 27 at 12 pm Eastern
Crossing the Chasm: Delivering a Strategic, Enterprise BI Solution
Reviews the key challenges facing more mature BI programs and provides tips for creating an agile architecture and organizational structure that can help you cross the chasm to deliver high-value strategic solutions across the enterprise. If you are struggling with reconciling the different BI/DW deployments in your organization and dealing with issues of scalability in terms of people and processes, this webinar is for you

We’re going to try to make it as interactive as possible. Please join us, and ask difficult questions!





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    Thanks Tim for this poster. Couldn’t find the full sized one anywhere else, not even on TDWI anymore…