Asking for Your Help: User Percentage Research?

jumpingBusiness intelligence standardization (which I define as “pragmatically reducing the number of overlapping tools in order to reduce costs and maximize the benefits of business intelligence”) seems to be on the rise, at least in my neck of the woods.

Several large customers are looking for external validation of how many BI users they “should” have, and of what profiles (simple reporting, interactive reporting, ad-hoc reporting, OLAP analysis, etc.), in order to have a basis for negotiating an enterprise-wide BI platform deal.

Despite the best efforts of a bunch of very smart people, I haven’t yet found anything like this. Obviously it’s hard to have a definitive “answer” when organizations differ widely in their information use, BI penetration is a moving target, technology is improving, etc., but it is something that many organizations are increasingly interested in….

Does anybody out there know of something relevant? If so, please let me know, ( and many thanks in advance!