If You’re Interested in BI, Should You Be Interested in Twitter?

Twitter use among business intelligence practitioners and analysts has been growing by leaps and bounds. Here’s a selection of blog postings and quotes about using twitter as a business intelligence resource.

The bottom line: it’s more interesting and useful than you might think — give it a try! If you’re interested in following me, it’s twitter.com/timoelliott

Darren Cunningham of LucidEra, Business Intelligence a Twitter

"While some people still still see Twitter as a waste of time at work, members of the business intelligence community have embraced the medium and are becoming more and more active."

Shawn Rogers of BeyeNETWORK, Business Intelligence Twitters List

"Twitter has fast become a successful communication platform for business and industry discussions. I’ve been on Twitter for quite a while and I’m really excited to see so many of my friends participating. I am actively following many people online and enjoy the interaction."

2009 Business Intelligence Technology Poll

"Which technology will impact Business Intelligence the most in 2009? I posted this quick poll in my Twitter feed today and thought it would be cool to get those of you who read the blog to participate."

Curt Monash, Twitter can now be useful for enterprise IT folks

"I’ve only identified one significant enterprise IT community on Twitter so far, specifically in the area of business intelligence.  ….Twitter is a proven tool to:

  • Keep in touch with people with business interests similar to yours
  • Get quick advice on technical matters

Bottom line:  If you’re a sufficiently inquisitive IT person to be reading this blog, and you’re not yet engaged with Twitter, it may be time to check the service out."

Curt Monash, Enterprise IT Experts on Twitter

"Twitter is really just another venue for the evolution of an already-extant community."

Wayne Eckerson of TDWI

"You alert me about interesting things I might not otherwise see. I see vendor use of Twitter to be an effective new medium…. both to inform us and keep track of what we are thinking/doing. And it’s more useful to me than I anticipated."

Jeff Mann, Gartner Analyst, Why I Tweet

    My time spent on Twitter has been rewarding. It alerts me to what is going on, connects me to old friends, and introduces me to many people whom I think are worth knowing. I have used it to test out ideas that eventually make their way into this blog or my more formal research notes. Twitter points me to people saying interesting things on their blogs


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