The Complete List of 2009 BI Predictions?

Here’s a compiled list of all the articles and blog posts I’ve seen so far that give business intelligence predictions for 2009, with summarized lists of the points. For more information, go to the articles concerned.

I’ve also added a couple of business and industry trend overviews that mention business intelligence. I’m sure I’ve missed some others — please don’t hesitate to comment…

2009 Business Intelligence Trends

Shawn Rogers: 2009 Business Intelligence Technology Poll


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Experts forecast business intelligence market trends for 2009

Wayne Eckerson

  • Analytic database platforms go mainstream
  • Open source BI gets evaluated
  • Packaged analytic applications gain traction
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) picks up in the midmarket
  • Next-generation dashboards emerge.
  • Analytical literacy improves
  • More analytical sandboxes come to the fore
  • BI goes green
  • Advanced visualization corrals BI
  • Event-driven analytic platforms hit the scene

James G. Kobielus

  • BI moves into the cloud
  • BI adopting Web 2.0 development paradigm
  • BI growing more federated
  • BI evolving into advanced analytic applications

Gartner Inc.  (various analysts)

  • By 2012, business units will control at least 40% of the total budget for BI
  • Through 2012, more than 35% of the top 5,000 global companies will regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets
  • By 2010, 20% of organizations will have an industry-specific analytic application delivered via SaaS as a standard component of their BI portfolio
  • In 2009, collaborative decision making will emerge as a new product category that combines social software with BI platform capabilities
  • By 2012, one-third of analytic applications applied to business processes will be delivered through large-grained application mashups

Rich Sherman: Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Trends: 9 for ’09

1.    Economic concerns distorts IT budget decision-making
2.    Business intelligence expands
3.    IT expands its BI vendor shortlist
4.    Data integration  continues healthy growth
5.    Data integration breaks out from the “Magic Quadrant”
6.    Incremental beats out big bang projects
7.    “Good enough” replaces best-in-class
8.    SMB BI demands outstrip a constrained adoption
9.    Industry consolidation continues

David Stodder: Nine BI Megatrends for 2009

Megatrend 1: The Impact of Open Source

Megatrends 2, 3 & 4: BI Tool Innovation

  • BI becomes less isolated
  • Users demand a richer experience
  • BI will focus on relationships

Megatrend 5: Business Modeling Meets MDM

Megatrends 6, 7 & 8: Breaking the BI/DW Mold

  • MapReduce meets large-scale data analysis
  • Column-oriented databases take aim at performance woes
  • Event processing opens new analytical possibilities

Megatrend 9: Too Big to Fail

Ken Rudin: What’s in store for Business Intelligence in 2009?

  • Cloud computing will cause a shift in the BI balance of power from IT to business users.
  • Simplicity will be the driving mantra for both consumers and vendors of BI.
  • The continued drive for simplicity will cause a shift towards prebuilt analytic solutions with best practices built in, and away from generic toolsets.
  • Data interpretation will become a significant challenge for new BI users.

James Taylor: Predictions for 2009 (Enterprise Decision Management)

  • Cloud computing will impact decision management
  • More use of analytics by systems rather than people
  • More focus on rules from application and platform vendors 
  • More business rule vendors
  • More rules in Business Process Management
  • Business rules to decision management 
  • Pre-built decisioning components 
  • Simulation and scenario management 
  • More business user control

Ted Cuzzillo: BI Transformation in 2009

  • The few big tools will start giving way to many small tools.
  • Business users will take more of BI back from analysts.
  • Analytics will gain new importance.
  • BI’s focus will sharpen on the human factor.
  • BI will surge in the mid-market.

Colin White: BI Predictions for 2009: What Ever It Takes to Get the Job Done

  • Quick and low-cost approaches will have most impact in 2009
  • Open source software, BI software-as-a-service, low-cost application appliances, search, the integration of BI with collaborative and social computing software, rich internet applications, web syndication, and data and presentation mashups
  • Line-of-business IT rather than the enterprise IT
  • May lead to anarchy and islands of data and software

Neil Raden: Surround the Warehouse: Prediction for 2009

."..a move toward a broader data warehouse concept that includes data sources that are only connected to the data warehouse through some sort of metadata"

Oco Predicts 2009

  • Growth of Complementary BI
  • SaaS Goes Upmarket
  • Information Silos Will Tumble
  • Collaborative BI Throughout the Extended Enterprise
  • Corporate Hot Spots Will Drive BI

Business and Industry Trends

The McKinsey Quarterly: Eight business technology trends to watch

Managing relationships

1. Distributing cocreation

2. Using consumers as innovators

3. Tapping into a world of talent

4. Extracting more value from interactions

Managing capital and assets

5. Expanding the frontiers of automation

6. Unbundling production from delivery

Leveraging information in new ways

7. Putting more science into management

8. Making businesses from information

7 Experts Paint Enterprise IT Landscape for 2009

Dana Gardner, Briefing Direct:

  1. Shadow IT
  2. Cut Costs.
  3. High-Scale Business Intelligence
  4. No Stomach for Upgrades
  5. Social Data-CRM Mashups

Jim Kobieius, Forrester:

  1. Obama
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Recession
  4. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  5. Social Networking

Tony Baer, Ovum:

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Low Cost or No Cost IT
  3. Managed Clouds
  4. IT Service Management
  5. GRC

Brad Shimmin, Current Analysis:

  1. Collaborative Social Networks
  2. Cloud Software
  3. Enterprise Oligarchy Models
  4. Blended Internal and External Communities
  5. Virtual Worlds Gain Foothold

Joe McKendrick, independent analyst

  1. It’s the Economy.
  2. IT Can’t Cut Too Much More
  3. Enterprise 2.0
  4. Cloud Economics
  5. Low-Cost Methods to Reach Markets

Dave Linthicum, Linthicum Group

  1. Cloud Computing Matures
  2. Open Cloud Services
  3. Some Cloud Social Connections
  4. Rogue Clouds and PaaS.
  5. SOA Gets Cloudy

Mike Meehan, Current Analysis

  1. Take My Hardware, Please.
  2. Tough License Negotiations
  3. Easier Integration
  4. Smooth SOA
  5. Telecom Realignment

JP Morgenthal, Burton Group

  1. Business Process Focus.
  2. Social Networking Backlash
  3. Era of Anti-IT
  4. Millennial Workforce Shifts
  5. Digital Rights Management Changes

IDC Predictions 2009: An Economic Pressure Cooker Will Accelerate the IT Industry Transformation

  • Global IT growth will be cut in half
  • Emerging markets and small businesses spending will slow significantly
  • The IT industry’s expansion to "the cloud" will accelerate
  • The struggling offline economy will drive more shoppers to the online economy
  • The telecom industry will consolidate, and expand, in 2009
  • It will be a grim year for mobile gadgets.
  • The crumbling of the "business/personal" wall in IT will accelerate
  • The reinvention of information access and analysis will accelerate in 2009
  • Green technologies will have a good year, disguised as "cost cutting"
  • Government initiatives in 2009 will catalyze massive IT investments and industry growth 





4 responses to “The Complete List of 2009 BI Predictions?”

  1. Tooling Around in the IBM InfoSphere Avatar

    100 BI Predictions for 2009: Cloud is Hot, SOA is Cold and MDM is Irrelevant

    I have been putting together all the Business Intelligence 2009 predictions from a range of analysts and bloggers to get an overall trend prediction for 2009.

  2. Regelwerk Avatar

    Vorhersagen für Business Intelligence 2009

    Neben den Listen am Ende eines Jahres sind die Vorhersagen am Beginn eines neues beliebte Beschäftigung – sowohl in der Unterhaltungsindustrie als auch auf Business-Blogs. Einige davon sind tatsächlich nützlich oder interessant oder beid…

  3. Timo Elliott Avatar

    Apologies again for forgetting to post your link — I’ve now added it. I 100% agree that semantic rationalization is a huge problem.

  4. Neil Raden Avatar
    Neil Raden

    Clearly, a lot of these “predictions” are flavored by self-interest. Especially with respect to BI, the “users” could care less about the cloud. They need relevance, understanding and integration.
    Some of these predictions are plausible only because they are so vague. Wayne’s for example – I can’t disagree with any of them, by they are constrained by words like “emerge” for example.
    In my blog which Timo didn’t pick up, I was pretty clear about these things. I described a “surround” strategy that is indifferent to clouds or xaaS. The lack of this semantic rationalization holds everything else back.