It Would Have Been a Crime not to Include Analytics in This New Application

Today, SAP launched SAP Investigative Case Management for Public Sector, a new solution to support police and other investigating authorities in the efforts to prevent, detect and investigate crime.

It’s a great example of the new SAP Business Suite 7 applications that integrate technology from the Business Objects acquisition, combining both operational and analytic expertise into a single solution.

It’s not just the criminals that are calculating

The new software package provides an investigative platform designed to support a complete end-to-end investigation lifecycle, using the the People, Objects, Locations and Events (POLE) industry standard.

Like other organizations, police and law enforcement agencies need to automate case management and reduce the burden of bureaucracy through better operational systems. But they also need to manage large volumes of information as part of their daily operations, including reports, complaints and anonymous threats. The package combines the best of “operational” and “analytic” applications into a single solution supporting the intelligence gathering, grading and storage processes.

Every application needs analytics

Business intelligence functionality gives law enforcement organizations immediate self-service access to the information they need at all times. For example, the package integrates the SAP BusinessObjects text analysis technology to help officers browse the relationships between suspects and known criminals.


And Xcelsius dashboards provide a clear overview of key performance indicators, and officers can slice and dice information to detect trends.


This application is a great example of the innovation that can result from integrating operational and analytic technology into a single solution, helping improve investigative outcome, which translates into more arrests, more robust convictions and better services to victims and witnesses.

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  1. Jamie Oswald Avatar
    Jamie Oswald

    This is fantastic. I always love it on Cop Shows when they look at a computer and suddenly it pulls up ridiculous information in some sexy graphical format (CSI:Miami is the best for this). I had always called it “Google:Cop”, but now SAP has given it a real name!