Who Has the Data?

Most organizations like to assert that they are “fact-driven”. But the reality of mundane, everyday decision making doesn’t always match the rhetoric, and force of personality (or simply seniority!) often swings the debate.

But information is still power. As SAP BusinessObjects marketing VP Franz Aman explained in a recent podcast with Jon Reed of JonERP.com

“It’s stunning every single time when you get into a discussion, whether it’s at the board level or whether it’s at the project team level, the moment the person with data around the table speaks up, shows the data, the discussion immediately takes a turn.”

“I’ve seen so many of these discussions at all kinds of levels where people are arguing their points, they’re making great arguments, they’re very convincing, very assertive – but the moment the one person around the table with the data speaks up, all that crumbles and you have a whole different level of discussion.”

Wouldn’t you like to be the person in the picture below? Invest in some great business intelligence!

 I actually have data!

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3 responses to “Who Has the Data?”

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  3. Thierry Audas Avatar
    Thierry Audas

    Great point! An interesting quote from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos strongly supports it:
    “The great thing about fact-based decisions is that they overrule the hierarchy, the most junior person in the company can win an argument with the most senior person with regard to a fact-based decision. For intuitive decisions, on the other hand, you have to rely on experienced executives who’ve honed their instincts.”