Month: April 2009

  • Google Takes Another Step into BI

    Google Takes Another Step into BI

    Google extends their business intelligence functionality by making it easy to search for and analyze public data sources.

  • Social Network Analyzer Download Available

    The Social Network Analyzer prototype unveiled in a previous blog post was available on demand. It can now be downloaded and used within your own organization (or even just on your PC) from the SAP Innovation Center site. Enterprise social network analysis is clearly an essential part of getting a real return on investment on Web…

  • That’s the Whole Point (Cartoon)

    That’s the Whole Point (Cartoon)

    These SAP BusinessObjects users think they know everything!

  • What’s Worth?

    Maybe not as it should be, at least compared to its peers. According to Pufip, putting paid ads up could generate about $123,000/month given the amount of traffic to the site, and they calculate that would make it worth about one and a half million dollars. That’s quite a bit more than, say, ($0!),…

  • Extreme Twitter (Cartoon)

    Extreme Twitter (Cartoon)

  • Did You Think You Were the Only One Not Doing It?

    Did You Think You Were the Only One Not Doing It?

    If you thought you were the only one not doing enterprise social networking, Mike Gotta of The Burton Group can reassure you. In a recently published study called “Social Networking Within the Enterprise” (registration required), he explains: Study participants felt that they were behind their competitors—or the market in general—when it came to their social…

  • BI Implementations Must be Risk-Adjusted

    BI Implementations Must be Risk-Adjusted

    It makes absolutely no sense to try to optimize performance without taking into account risk. Technology vendors are helping by tightly integrating business intelligence and performance management with governance, risk and compliance.