Are You A Digitalist? Here’s Your Magazine.

welcome to digitalist magazine

The importance of digital transformation is clear.

“Digitalists” are the people with the leadership responsibility to guide organizations through this change — and Digitalist Magazine is a new guide to help them drive this transformation.

Digitalist magazine coverDigitalist is a digital magazine that aims to provide everything an executive needs to be a leader in the digital economy. It offers a mix of columns, features, interactive visuals, and profiles that capture what’s happening now and what’s next in the world of business and tech.

The magazine is edited by Elana Varon, former executive editor of CIO Magazine, and is published quarterly. It is free to download for tablets from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Each issue includes details of the latest under-the-radar trends, profiles of disruptive companies & technologies, and interviews with leading thinkers who are shaping the future of technology and business.

Stories will focus on five key areas: the overall Digital Economy, the Future of Work, Finance, the Future of Resources, and the Future of the Customer Experience.

In the lead article of the first issue, former Gartner Analyst Jeff Woods explain the magazine’s Manifesto:

“Together, we have a front-row seat for the emergence of the Digital Economy — the rewiring of the social, economic, physical, and spiritual networks that unite the globe”.


He explains how to drive transformation in your organization using the seven essential digitalist principles:

  • Validate digital ideas with a lean startup methodology
  • Network software + sensors to eat the world
  • Design experiences that people can live in
  • Embrace third-generation IT to overcome digital experiences
  • Focus on exponential technologies to create digital experiences
  • Overlay data on every process to power digital experiences
  • Acclerate your digital transformation by creating a learning organization

Other articles in the first issue include:

  • Opportunity Matrix: A Pragmatic Guide to the Digital Revolution. A graphical view of the latest trends.
  • The Digitalist Agenda. A roundup of the leading edge conferences and events.
  • How 3D Printing Will Disrupt Manufacturing. A review of the key trends, from industrial machinery to the maker movement.
  • Microculture: Shoreditch, London. A look at where Digitalists hang out around the world.
  • Thinkers: Deborah Perry Piscione. Author of the book The Risk Factor explains how not to kill your chances to make it in the digital economy.
  • How to Win From Center Court: A lighter-hearted look at Digital Economy, by me.

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More coverage of Digitalist is available on Advertising Age and Innovation Excellence, and check out the many additional articles and features are available in the Digitalist Magazine online version.

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