Digitalist Magazine Q3 2017: Unleashing the Killer API, The Power of Soft Skills & More!

Digitalist Magazine Q3 2017The latest Digitalist Magazine Executive Quarterly is out, covering topics such as:

Unleashing the Killer API. How traditional businesses are becoming technology revolutionaries, using APIs to let companies outside of the technology world become powerful tech players and unleash a torrent of innovation.

Influencing Customers Through Infinite Personalization. How Big Data is making huge changes to the science and practice of customer personalization — and how to stay on the right side of the fine line between marketing and manipulation.

The New DNA of Change. Traditional change management won’t work in the era of digital transformation. Organizations need to learn how to change constantly and cope with the pain that it causes. Just about every industry is facing upstarts and forcing organizations to disrupt their established ways of doing business or face disruption. This article covers how new approaches at the organizational and individual level will be required to adapt to the constant change demanded by the digital future.

In addition, there are regular sections covering the top digital events, key Digitalists who are a making a difference (Amina Khan on biology-inspired design), and the Digitalist communities around the world (this quarter: Berlin).

And the final article is perhaps the most important: Only the Soft Survive. Jenny Dearborn, SVP and Chief Learning Officer at SAP, explains that the three-stage model of employment that dominates the global economy today – education, work, and retirement – will soon be blown out of the water. Soft skills, such as creativity, empathy, active listening, and emotional intelligence, will become critically important. As our ability to know more than those around us decreases, our need to be able to collaborate well (with both humans and machines) will help define our success in the future. Organizations have to help employees manage this shift by rethinking employee training and giving employees more time for learning courses relevant to the future needs of organizations and individuals.

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