Digitalist Magazine Q4 2017: More Than Noise!

It’s that time of year again — time to snuggle up with your advent calendar and the latest copy of Digitalist Magazine Executive Quarterly, designed for people who lead the future.

Here’s my personal take on some of the highlights. If any of these grab you, then rush to install the iOS or Android app (sure, you can also access the links directly to the articles below, but trust me, the “magazine” experience is worth it. May I suggest you download it in time for your next ah-hem “joyful” travel experience?).

The Post Digital Age
Digitalist publisher Vivek Bapat‘s bottom line? Don’t digitalize the past—innovate the future! In other words, don’t adopt an incrementalist mindset, just adding digital on top of industrial-era foundations—aim for real transformation. [oh, and the data backs him up]

We’re living a VUKA World
The Fear Factor article by Bob Johansen talks about how we’re living in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world (VUCA). Tomorrow’s leaders have to navigate through disruption and extreme change while managing to make it tolerable — or even motivating! — for their employees.

How to hack your brain and body
Interested in better dreaming, thinking, seeing and sensing? There’s a gadget for that!

How long before your best friend is a robot?
Researchers like Cynthia Breazeal are working on putting emotion into automation, to “help us become the people and society we aspire to.”

Where are we with artificial reality?
We assume that it’s scripted, bulky, and you need a physical presence — but Christopher Koch and Kai Goerlich wonder: are these perceptions of artificial reality real?!

Data breaches: so what?
Almost 50% of Americans believe their personal data is less safe than five years ago. But is there anything we can actually do about it?

More than noise
The cover story covers the trends that are even bigger than you think: AI governance, renewable energy, surveillance and censorship — and the cult of distraction.

Tick tock, it’s time
Jeremy Rifkin (no stranger to controversy) says it’s time for a third industrial revolution, powered by renewable energy and IOT.

Uncertainty is here to stay
Or is it? We’re not quite sure! The answer is to imagine multiple destinies and work back — that is, it’s time to source your planning from the future!

From Zero to Hero
Did you know that Uber is the world’s largest transportation company but owns no cars? Yep, I thought so. But maybe we still haven’t learned the lessons, says Carsten Thoma.

Oh, and there’s more, like reviews of Electric Avenue in Tokyo, or the latest digital buzz. Download it now!