All the charts you need to survive in the wilderness!

A heat map to keep you warm, some pie chart and a donut chart to eat, sipping your bar chart drinks while sitting at a data table, illuminated by the soft glow of the candlestick chart as the waterfall chart gurgles behind you… what more could you want?

Did I miss any?!

5 comments to “All the charts you need to survive in the wilderness!”
  1. If it’s cold, you might need a couple Gant charts (mostly works in French, though).

    I could use a line chart for fishing or a bullet chart for hunting.

    Looks like the mountain in the background has a pretty steep slope chart.

    You can make that bar more sparkling with some bubble charts.

  2. I miss the Camembert chart, which is more stinky than the pie chart and works only in France.
    Could the Bubble chart be close to the Bar chart to some extend?

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