A Futuristic Vision For The Middle East?

I recently had the honor of being a presenter and moderator at some internal kickoffs in the (incredibly dynamic) Middle East region, and with tongue firmly in cheek, I had fun with text-to-AI algorithms to portray what the future might look like:

City skylines with flying taxis?

A certain software company’s middle east office of the future, with view over the desert (and robot employees?)

There’s too much traffic, so is this the future of public transport in the region?

And of course, flying cars!

Alternative energy — solar panels in the desert:

Tourism — red sea resorts that don’t yet exist (the plans look amazing, e.g. Sindalah and Red Sea Resorts)

Personalized healthcare?

Middle east metaverse shopping malls — with robots?

And regional augmented reality!

Leading universities with immersive education? (An aside: my father was the architect of King Abdulaziz University in 1967!)

Future of sports — football champions?

Sand surfing!

Robotic camel racing?!