Timo Elliott interviews Marcio Magalhaes of Petrobras

2023 SAP Innovation Award Winner: Petrobras Predictive Asset Insights

I recently talked Marcio Magalhaes of Petrobras, one of world’s largest oil and gas producers, as part of the SAP Better Together series of podcasts and best practice videos.

In the interview, we discussed how his team used SAP BusinessTechnology to create a simple and very effective mobile application to enable workers to signal potential safety problems, the lessons learned along the way, and how it’s paved the way for many more mobile applications in the future.

To get the details information, you can read the summary blogpost, or or listen to the podcast with Tamara McCleary.

Petrobras’ simple but very effective mobile application for worker safety

And I’m delighted to say that the company has since received a coveted 2023 SAP Innovation Award in the “Adoption Champion” category for a project involving the use of SAP Predictive Asset Insights.

Petrobras works with mission critical industrial equipment to run operations at the Buzios field in Brazil, the world’s largest deep water reservoir. Any incidents can impact workers safety, reliability, operational efficiencies, or environmental requirements.

The project enables the tracking of around 83,000 pieces of equipment. It monitors sensors and indicators powered by IoT, machine learning, and digital twin technology in real-time, in the form of graphs, geographical maps, and advanced analytics of equipment and systems.

You can see the company’s winning submission document here, with lots of details about the business goals, technical infrastructure, benefits, and SAP products used.

The outcomes are really impressive. With help from SAP solutions, the team is now in a better position to pro-actively mitigate risks, and potential failures, by enabling proactive scheduled preventive maintenance strategies with increased availability.

The project is on track to save around ~60 million Brazilian reais by 2025 (around $12 million USD) based on reduced down time, better performance, and lower maintenance costs of critical industrial equipment.

It’s a project that is good for profitability AND the planet, because the project helps Petrobras support the corporate environmental goals including reinjection of a cumulative 35+ million tons of CO2 equivalent, to support offshore production, regulations, and lower emissions.


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