correlation vs causation cartoon

Correlation vs Causation Cartoon

Did you know that every single person who confuses correlation and causation ends up dying?! 😵

correlation vs causation cartoon






7 responses to “Correlation vs Causation Cartoon”

  1. Willem Avatar

    It would be fair if you correctly attribute the source for this quote:

    Judging from the drawing style, you just pulled it through Chat-GPT and out your name under it.

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Sure! If that’s the source, then absolutely, credit where credit is due! (I heard it said somewhere at a conference I think, and variations back when I did statistics at University a long time ago) And yes indeed, I used ChatGPT to create the base image, although it took a lot of Photoshop to get the final version.

      1. Timo Elliott Avatar

        Thanks for the alternate quote source!

  2. Fiona McNie Avatar

    Hi, I would love to use this image in an internal statistics guide for my organisation Natural England, would that be ok if copyright information is added?

  3. Andrew Garside Avatar

    Hi – are we free to re-publish your cartoons on social media – clearly keeping any copyright or web site info intact?

  4. Tara Avatar

    Is this comic available on a tshirt? Can it be available on a tshirt, please? 🙂

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