Apple Accelerates Innovation with SAP

Apple uses SAP at the core of their business and accelerates innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform.

As part of the opening keynote of Sapphire last week, Apple’s VP of the Vision Products Group talked about Spatial Computing for the enterprise, showing off the apps that SAP has already developed.

In addition, he talked about Apple’s strong commitment to SAP technology to run their own business:

“SAP is at the heart of the infrastructure that runs Apple. It’s behind every new iPhone that we ship to you and your families. And we use it to power every aspect of our business. We go to SAP BTP first for new integrations or app use cases. The platform is so easy and powerful to use, our teams have been able to build new mission-critical apps 40% faster, and we have over 69 live projects. SAP BTP reaches over 60,000 Apple employees securely and with the highest level of performance.”

“BTP is essential to how we run Apple stores. We have over 20,000 employees using BTP across our over 500 Apple stores worldwide. We’ve built many apps that are used in the stores, for inventory, delivery, and even an app that refreshes all of our demo devices every single night. With over 25 product launches per year, we need a solid platform, and we want to make sure that everything goes perfectly.”





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