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  • Digital Transformation With Digitalist Magazine

    Digital Transformation With Digitalist Magazine

    Does your job involve helping your organization adapt to digital transformation? If so, check out the latest issue of Digitalist Magazine!

  • Targeting People Who Suck At Data Analysis

    Targeting People Who Suck At Data Analysis

    As somebody who has spent the last few decades urging people to do better data analysis, I despair each time I see people fall for appalling misinformation. For example, those “one weird trick” ads? They’re basically designed on the same principles as the Nigerian scam emails: they’re deliberately bad. The idea is that if you’re […]

  • BI in Barcelona, Scary Big Data, Cool 3D Analytics and More

    BI in Barcelona, Scary Big Data, Cool 3D Analytics and More

    Another analytics round up – what’s going on in the analytics world this week?   Gartner BI and Analytics Summit: Nos Vemos en Barcelona! A host of SAP Analytics folks will be in Barcelona next week for the Gartner BI and Analytics Summit.  Jason Rose will be presenting with Mark Cooper of British American Tobacco […]

  • What’s Missing? Game-Changing! Visualize That! You Get What You Pay For

    What’s Missing From Your BI? This week? Two things: First, a real understanding of how people create and use information, according to a Harvard Business Review article entitled Why IT fumbles Analytics Second, Forrester analyst Boris Evelson says you should have BI on BI (SAP BusinessObjects supports the types of analysis cited, and Information Steward […]

  • OLTP meets OLAP, BI Conferences, Sybase Who? And Other News

    OLTP meets OLAP, BI Conferences, Sybase Who? And Other News

    The Big News The big news over the last week has been, of course, the release of SAP Business Suite Powered by HANA. The first major change to SAP’s applications since R3, it was called “ein game-changer” by press around the world. Ray Wang did a nice round-up in his post News Analysis: SAP Business […]

  • Marketing People in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

    InformationWeek Executive Editor Doug Henschen takes Oracle to task for having the gall to criticize his article about Microsoft’s new in-memory solution while being less than candid about their own in-memory solution: Oracle Spotlights Its Database Memory Gap. The result of Oracle’s action is an article that explains in detail the gap between Oracle’s marketing […]

  • Beware What You Call Gambling

    A lot of the literature about performance management likes to assume that the world is a perfectly ordered place, that the right actions will result in increased performance, and that bad performance indicates there’s a problem. But the real world is a place where sheer randomness has big effects, and is especially prevalent hanything to […]

  • Bad BI Marketing

    I received this as a comment on one of my posts: “Although every enterprise is definitely unique, they all share the common challenge of keeping up-to-date with the ever-increasing speed of business. Today, most companies must operate on tight budgets, improved efficiencies, and an ever-changing marketplace. An enterprise’s ability to compete is directly linked to […]

  • Ignoring Facts and Hoping for a Miracle Cure

    PowerBalance, provider of trendy bracelets that are “designed to work with your body’s natural energy field”, have admitted that there’s “no credible scientific evidence that supports [their] claims and therefore [they] engaged in misleading conduct.” Duh! Evolution has apparently hard-wired us to LIKE superstition. We don’t want to live in a world without magic cures […]

  • Twitter Adds Analytics

    Twitter Adds Analytics

    Twitter is introducing free analytics for its users