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  • How to Build a Billion-Dollar European Software Company

    How to Build a Billion-Dollar European Software Company

    How BusinessObjects became the first “European Silicon Valley startup”, growing from zero to a billion dollars, by Bernard Liautaud

  • IBM Acquires SPSS – A Big Deal, or Not?

    Various commentators have been saying that IBM’s acqusition is a”seminal” moment for the company and the industry. I’m personally a little more skeptical — here’s why.

  • SAP Acquires SkyData for Agility and Mobility

    SAP Acquires SkyData for Agility and Mobility

    On May 25th 2009, SAP acquired innovative startup Skydata, a new type of business mobile “mashup” application that provides fast and easy access to all your business data on RIM, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone devices, as part of SAP’s long-term strategy to support the new “business users” who need to access information from multiple systems easily and intuitively.

  • SAP’s New Cloud Platform

    SAP’s New Cloud Platform

    SAP has purchased cloud computing vendor Coghead. What will SAP do with Coghead’s widely praised Platform-as-a-service software, based on Adobe Flex and Amazon’s EC2 Web Service?

  • So: it’s SAP, for $6.8bn!

    After years of rumors, the news is finally here: it’s SAP for 4.8 billion euros. This will be the biggest acquisition SAP has ever done, and the biggest in the BI industry — but in a twist, it’s almost as if Business Objects is acquiring OutlookSoft and Pilot… (more…)

  • Cognos Buys Applix

    Only minutes after I post an entry on the acceleration of consolidation in the BI market, I see that Cognos has purchased Applix. The interesting part is TM1, which uses memory-centric BI technology that has been around for as long as I can remember, but which didn’t really come into its own until 64-bit platforms […]

  • Oracle Buys Hyperion

    After the months (years?) of consolidation rumors, finally something happened…. Thoughts: Less change than you might expect It doesn’t change the BI market share picture much, based on the latest IDC numbers, from 2005 (2006 figures presumably due out soon, not expecting any huge changes in the relative positions). Hyperion is currently #5, and Oracle […]