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  • Public Sector BI Incompatible with “Leaps of Faith”?

    A couple of recent Boston globe articles talk about IBM/Cognos returning $13m because of bidding irregularities and questions over conflict of interest. The biggest net result is that some 20,000 people have been prevented from accessing information that could help improve the state’s education systems.

  • Cognos Buys Applix

    Only minutes after I post an entry on the acceleration of consolidation in the BI market, I see that Cognos has purchased Applix. The interesting part is TM1, which uses memory-centric BI technology that has been around for as long as I can remember, but which didn’t really come into its own until 64-bit platforms […]

  • The Case for Independent Business Intelligence

    The Case for Independent Business Intelligence

    The time is ripe to discuss the future of independent BI, after the purchase of Hyperion by Oracle and continued speculation on the future of the remaining vendors. Will there be a “domino effect”? A commentary in Business Week sums up the “domino effect” opinion (more prevalent among financial analysts than industry analysts) that the deal […]