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  • ESP and Business Analytics

    ESP and Business Analytics

    What do Extra-Sensory Perception and Business Analytics have in common? The possibility of bad analysis…

  • Making Tough Decisions

    There’s increasing agreement that business intelligence and performance management technology has to go further than “just” data, analysis, and planning, to helping with the intrinsically human process of making decisions. Today, most corporate decision-making happens in meetings and conference calls, with little support from technology. As a process, it functions, but most of us would be hard-pressed to call it optimized. How can we integrate BI technology with decision-making best practice?

  • The 5 Ingredients of Good Decision-Making

    The 5 Ingredients of Good Decision-Making

    The results of a survey called “In search of clarity: unraveling the complexities of executive decision-making”, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, were announced today. The report concludes that it is “cause for alarm…that executives themselves perceive the quality of decision-making at their company as mixed at best”, and identifies five ingredients of good decision-making. Obviously, supporting good decisions requires a lot more than technology, but I believe BI can help. (more…)

  • Intestine-Based Decision-Making