SAP’s First Official iPhone Application

SAP’s first ever iPhone application is now available on Apple’s iTunes applications store. No, it’s not BusinessObjects Explorer for the iPhone — that’s on its way. It’s BNE traffic, an innovative application from SAP Research in Brisbane, Australia.

The End of Relational Databases?

SAP’s co-founder believes that “disk has become yesterday’s tape” and that the era of relational databases is over, to be replaced by column storage for both data warehousing AND enterprise applications.

Want to Experience SAP BusinessObjects Explorer? Try This Micro-Finance Demo!

As I mentioned in the previous post, SAP launched the new BusinessObjects Explorer Accelerated product today. You can try out the product and learn how microfinance is helping reduce global poverty by visiting the excellent SAP BusinessObjects Explorer demo at It will challenge you to find answers to a few questions, and you’ll be …

A New Data Architecture for Faster, Better BI: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Today at the SAPPHIRE user conference in Orlando, SAP announced it would “revolutionize BI with a new solution that delivers insight at the speed of thought”. The new package is called SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Accelerated, and it combines the search and visualization capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects Polestar (now renamed SAP BusinessObjects Explorer) with SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA).