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  • OLAP is Dead (Long Live Analytics)

    OLAP is Dead (Long Live Analytics)

    OLAP’s days are over — long live the term “analytics”

  • BI Market Consolidation?

    The BI market has been remarkably fragmented for a long time, but — following the trend of other technology markets — it seems that the spiral of increasing dominance of a handful of vendors has finally been unleashed.

  • BI Briefs: UPS, Facebook, MySQL, SAP, Microsoft

    UPS minimizes left-turns. Advanced route planning minimizes fuel consumption and accidents. An old story, but given new life with a recent InformationWeek interview with UPS CIO Dave Barnes (and a good example of delivering effectively on a strategic multi-year IT project). Facebook’s community app platform. As BI vendors try to web-2.0 themselves, they will need to…

  • The Latest on BI+PM = ?

    In two earlier posts, “What’s in a Name?” and “Putting the Business Back into Business Intelligence“, I talked about the ongoing debate about what we should all call the combination of business intelligence and performance management. With the recent wave of PM acquisitions by Oracle (Hyperion), SAP (Pilot and OutlookSoft), and BusinessObjects (Cartesis), the two…

  • Oracle Buys Hyperion

    After the months (years?) of consolidation rumors, finally something happened…. Thoughts: Less change than you might expect It doesn’t change the BI market share picture much, based on the latest IDC numbers, from 2005 (2006 figures presumably due out soon, not expecting any huge changes in the relative positions). Hyperion is currently #5, and Oracle…