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  • IDC Business Intelligence Roadshow in Prague

    Recap of the IDC BI Roadshow session in Prague, the Czech Republic, including some interesting BI data nuggets

  • IBM Acquires SPSS – A Big Deal, or Not?

    Various commentators have been saying that IBM’s acqusition is a”seminal” moment for the company and the industry. I’m personally a little more skeptical — here’s why.

  • The Real Pioneer of Business Intelligence (and BI 2.0)?

    The Real Pioneer of Business Intelligence (and BI 2.0)?

    It is often reported that Howard Dresner coined the term “business intelligence” in 1989, in the sense it is typically used in the industry today (“end user access to and analysis of structured content, i.e., data”). But especially now that text analysis is becoming part of mainstream BI, the real credit for the term should probably go to an earlier pioneer: Hans-Peter Luhn (more…)

  • IBM Falls off the Fence, and Picks Cognos…

    IBM couldn’t take the heat any more — it’s Cognos, for $5bn. It seems they were reluctant up until the last minute, given the recent agreements announced with Business Objects XI bundled with DB2. But faced with being left out of the cold, and with other suitors surely bearing down on Cognos, they bit the bullet… (more)