Month: July 2007

  • Free-Wheeling Business Intelligence?

      Later today, the Tour de France will be rolling into Paris to complete the final leg on the Champs-Elysées, so it seemed a good time to share this story of business intelligence and bicycles. The city of Paris recently rolled out their latest big initiative in making Paris a more livable, green city: 10,000 […]

  • What Executives Want from BI?

    What Executives Want from BI?

    Joe McKendrick recently posted on the ongoing difficulties faced by companies trying to use business intelligence effectively, especially for executive users: Many of today’s BI solutions, in fact, ‘have only exacerbated the amount of information that is bombarding senior management and left it up to them to decipher, collate and try to find the nuggets […]

  • BI Briefs: UPS, Facebook, MySQL, SAP, Microsoft

    UPS minimizes left-turns. Advanced route planning minimizes fuel consumption and accidents. An old story, but given new life with a recent InformationWeek interview with UPS CIO Dave Barnes (and a good example of delivering effectively on a strategic multi-year IT project). Facebook’s community app platform. As BI vendors try to web-2.0 themselves, they will need to […]