A More Complete List of 2009 Business Intelligence Predictions?

Following on from previous post on 2009 Business Intelligence Predictions — I missed a few:

Marcus Borba:

Vincent McBurney: 100 BI Predictions for 2009: Cloud is Hot, SOA is Cold and MDM is Irrelevant

Vincent put together a great graphic showing the "weight" of different predictions (although I suspect Stephen Few would have a field day with it)


Jorgen Heizenberg, Business Intelligence Predictions 2009: The paradox between demand and supply.

  1. Rationalization
  2. Mastering & Governing Core Data
  3. Architecture The Other Way
  4. Operational Excellence
  5. Customer Centric
  6. Using The Data
  7. Overcoming Differences
  8. Organizational Transformation
  9. Need For Cooperation

Mike Ferguson: Some BI Ideas for 2009

  • Integration of BI with Information Management infrastructure for trusted data
  • Integration of BI with Performance Management software to roll up metrics into higher level KPIs
  • Capturing of additional insight from unstructured content (e.g. customer emails) and from external information on the internet (e.g. about market intelligence and about what people are saying about your products and services)
  • Event driven and on-demand Operational BI – a hugely exciting area for 2009 to continuously monitor operations and deliver right -time BI in the context of process activities for continuous business optimisation
  • Integration of Enterprise Search with BI to open up broader access to intelligence via a search interface
  • Exploitation of appliances for lower total cost of ownership on specific workloads
  • Integration of BI with social software and collaboration workspaces to facilitate sharing and exploitation of knowledge in a collaborative environment. This is particularly relevant for those of you wishing to exploit products IBM Lotus Quickr quickplaces as well as Microsoft SharePoint workspaces. Integrating BI here will become increasingly important in 2009.

Craig Shiff: What’s Ahead for Performance Management in 2009?

  • "2009 should be another great year for business performance management, the established vendors, consultants and, most importantly, the end users of performance management and business intelligence solutions."
  • Companies will continue to invest in performance management.

"While only 9% said the economy is causing them to reduce their focus on BPM, more than 51% of the respondents so far agree that BPM is more critical than ever and are increasing their efforts in that area (the remainder say their BPM plans have not been impacted one way or the other by the current economy)."

  • BPM will expand to become the key front-office decision system company-wide
  • IFRS will drive more interest in BPM’s financial consolidation capabilities
  • Some smaller vendors will disappear

Industry Predictions

Looking forward: Trends in IT management and budgeting for 2009

Economic downturn will hurt IT hiring in 2009
Survey: Economy puts nonessential IT projects on back burner
Shifting IT business models in time of economic crisis
IT and the recession: Focus on business strategy, smaller projects
Adjusting your IT budget in a volatile economy
Gartner: Restructuring top concern for CEOs in 2009
How the SEC’s proposed IFRS will affect your accounting systems


2009 Enterprise 2.0 prognostications

JackBe: Web 2.0 What’s Out and What’s In

  • Out: "Faster, Better, Cheaper", In: "Cheaper, Agile, Faster" (in that order)
  • Out: Business Analysts, In: Mashup Analyst
  • Out: SOA by IT for IT, In: SOA by IT for the Business
  • Out: Service-Oriented Data, In: Decision-Oriented Data
  • Out: Better Business Intelligence, In: Lesser Business Intelligence
  • Out: SOA, In: SOA
  • Out: SOA-in-house, In: SOA-on-the-cloud
  • Out: Dashboards, In: Mashboards
  • Out: Emailing Excel Spreadsheets, In: Mashing Excel Data
  • Out: Silo Bashing, In: Silo Loving
  • Out: Aligning Business and IT, In: Buying IT
  • Out: SOA Architects, In: SOA Social Workers
  • Out: Salesforce.com as a SaaS, In: Salesforce.com as a Business Portal