SAP CTO Shares Web 2.0 Vision

Vishal Sikka Timeless Software

In a recent interview with’s news editor Courtney Bjorlin, SAP’s CTO Vishal Sikka explained that mobile applications, the cloud and virtualization will be key technologies in SAP’s product roadmap. Here are some key excerpts from the article:

Entire economies going mobile in the next several years and companies running almost exclusively on mobile environments. So the way in which people access and support those applications will become increasingly important.

All of this technology fits into four categories: constructing the applications, delivering them, customers consuming them, and ensuring the change and lifecycle management of those applications.

SAP’s product roadmap is to continue to establish a framework for consuming these technologies in a way that doesn’t disrupt customers.

SAP customers want applications delivered in the cloud, but they don’t want to sacrifice the functionality they get from their on-premise applications.

More and more customers are running SAP in a virtual environment, and more want to do so.

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