BI on the Bosphorus

I just presented the keynote at an SAP BusinessObjects conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Audience feedback was very positive, with the only complaint being the relative lack of local expert resources in some of the BusinessObjects products (although we’ve done a lot of training, there’s a huge new set of product available and demand has been high).

SAP customer presentations included Turkish Telecom and their Governance, Risk, and Compliance implementation and a local hospital’s implementation of BusinessObjects Edge Professional.

Here’s the custom Xcelsius dashboard (click anywhere on the picture to take off the cover, then click “unlock” to use the controls):

[update/disclaimer: this post generated some interest, so there’s one thing I should make clearer: the intent of this dashboard was to provide light relief in the presentation, using local data. It absolutely does not represent best practice dashboard design. For that, I recommend the excellent books by Wayne Eckerson  for discussions about whether it is appropriate for vendors to show this type of eye-candy]

Night photo in top banner: Timo Elliott.





8 responses to “BI on the Bosphorus”

  1. Muzaffer Avatar

    Hi Timo,

    It was a pleasure to host you again in Istanbul, as you (DSS Technology) were one of our key supporters during the years to develop BO business in Turkey. Your contribution to the event re-confirmed and justified us why we have focused on your name for key-note speech without even thinking one minute !
    Once again and would love you seeing you soon,


  2. Basri Avatar

    Hi Tim,

    It was great speech.We were as excited as you are about SAP BusinessObjects conference as one of the sponsor company.

    Hope to see you back ..
    Basri Cicek

    FIT Consulting

  3. ugur candan Avatar

    Dear Timo,
    thanks for the nice presentation. After the meeting I had a chance to make a quick survey and your presentation were admired a lot. We would deffinately would ask for your help in our next event.
    Dashboard was real fun.


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  5. Charles Avatar

    Thanks Tim. I’ve found what I was missing, you’ve used the Aero theme for this one to give you the marker style.

  6. Charles Avatar

    Hi Tim

    Nice presentation. I’d be interested to learn what techniques you used to create the IT Market Size and Growth chart. It looks like a standard XY chart, but with custom markers?


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Charles — it’s a standard part of the Xcelsius package… but note that in order to do this, I had to make each country its own “series”, then I just chose the same marker for all the non-Turkish data.

  7. Kunal Kant Avatar

    Found your blogs really interesting ,send tweets about some. Let us know if any BI/GRC/BO requirement.

    Kunal Kant
    Head SAP GRC
    WIpro Technologies