Month: June 2009

  • Social BI: Jive Chooses SAP’s On-Demand BI Platform

    Social BI: Jive Chooses SAP’s On-Demand BI Platform

    At the Enterprise 2.0 2009 event in Boston, Jive and SAP announced that Jive is going to be a reseller of SAP’s on-demand BI solutions, providing “social BI” to their customers. Here’s why BI is essential for Enterprise 2.0 initiatives.

  • American Recovery Act Business Intelligence

    American Recovery Act Business Intelligence

    Anybody that receives funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) must meet stringent legal reporting requirements, and aggregating all the information will require sophisticated information management. Greater government transparency through business intelligence may turn out to be the most challenging BI applications ever.

  • End of a LucidEra?

    End of a LucidEra?

    On-demand BI vendor LucidEra was formed to “shake up the stagnant business intelligence industry”, but appears to be the latest victim of today’s difficulty economic climate.

  • Enterprise 2.0 Must be Aligned with Business Process

    Enterprise 2.0 efforts will fail unless they are aligned with business process, say blueKiwi and Dassault Systems, announcing a new partnership

  • SAP @ Enterprise 2.0 2009

    SAP @ Enterprise 2.0 2009

    SAP is a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston. Many Enterprise 2.0 experts from SAP will be attending, including Beth Beld and Mani Gill.

  • Drink Dispenser Analytics: Coca-Cola Goes Freestyle, With Help from SAP BI

    Coca-Cola has introduced a new RFID-enabled drink dispenser that serves over 100 flavors and wirelessly beams information to an SAP BW datawarehouse in Atlanta, ready for advanced analytics.

  • Gartner on Collaborative Decision Making

    Gartner has published their take on the new Collaborative Decision Making market (CDM) This report predicts a new style of decision support system — collaborative decision making (CDM) — will emerge in 2009 that combines social software with business intelligence (BI). This combination can dramatically improve the quality of decision making by directly linking the…

  • A New Decision Engine: Hunch, and Guided Analysis for the Enterprise

    A new “Decision Engine” called Hunch was launched today. How might this type of technology relate to collaborative decision-making in enterprises?

  • SAP Acquires SkyData for Agility and Mobility

    SAP Acquires SkyData for Agility and Mobility

    On May 25th 2009, SAP acquired innovative startup Skydata, a new type of business mobile “mashup” application that provides fast and easy access to all your business data on RIM, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone devices, as part of SAP’s long-term strategy to support the new “business users” who need to access information from multiple…

  • The Convergence of Business Intelligence, EPM, and GRC

    The Convergence of Business Intelligence, EPM, and GRC

    According to IDC, the current economic conditions are forcing organizations to not only better manage corporate performance but also increase business transparency, and to achieve this, organizations must integrate EPM, GRC, and business analytics.