Over 100 Free SAP BusinessObjects Web Seminars


Looking for some free training in these difficult economic times?

Here’s a long, long list (OK, so there are “only” 96 of them) of free web seminars courtesy of the SDN BusinessObjects Web Seminar Series and Jason Cao. They cover almost every aspect of the BusinessObjects Intelligence Platform.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can register to be notified by email of upcoming BusinessObjects webinars and suggest topics for future webinars.

Recent and Upcoming Web Seminars

Date Topic Time
Jun 24, 2009 Move Any Type of Data to Any Environment with SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 10:00 AM PT
Jun 19, 2009 SAP BusinessObjects On-Demand webinar: Business Intelligence in the Cloud 9:00 AM PT
Jun 17, 2009 How to Select the Right Reporting Tool: Crystal Reports Vs SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 10:00 AM PT
Jun 10, 2009 Xcelsius Gurus Data Connectivity Series: Part 2 – When to utilize non-BusinessObjects connectivity for your dashboards? 10:00 AM PT
Jun 10, 2009 SAP BusinessObjects On-Demand webinar: Solving Today’s Corporate Challenges with On-Demand BI 10:00 AM PT
Jun 3, 2009 Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Builder 10:00 AM PT
May 28, 2009 Getting Started with Xcelsius Presents 10:00 AM PT
May 27, 2009 Share Critical Information Securely Beyond the Firewall 10:00 AM PT
May 20, 2009 Xcelsius Gurus Data Connectivity Series: Part 1 – When to utilize SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise for your dashboards? 10:00 AM PT
May 13, 2009 Xcelsius Add-Ons to Streamline Dashboard Development, Improve Performance and Increase User Adoption 10:00 AM PT
May 6, 2009 Explore Your Business at the Speed of Thought: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 10:00 AM PT
Apr 29, 2009 Smart Application Companies Sell More – Adding Value with Advanced Business Intelligence 10:00 AM PT
Apr 23, 2009 Connecting People and Data for Better Decision Making 8:00 AM PT
Apr 22, 2009 Accelerating Innovation Through SAP EcoHub 10:00 AM PT
Apr 15, 2009 OnDemand Business Intelligence for your SAP Environment – Fast and Affordable Reporting and Analysis with BI OnDemand for your SAP Data 10:00 AM PT
Apr 8, 2009 BusinessObjects OnDemand Webinar Series: Create Advanced Reports and Dashboards for Salesforce.com 10:00 AM PT
Apr 8, 2009 Live Mapping in Dashboard Builder 3.1: ESRI GIS Integration 10:00 AM PT
Apr 1, 2009 How to Determine Which Dashboarding Solution to Use 10:00 AM PT
Mar 26, 2009 How to realize value by integrating SAP BusinessObjects portfolio solutions in SAP Business Process 8:00 AM PT
Mar 25, 2009 Unleashing the Awesome Power of Xcelsius: Flynet and Live Xcelsius Dashboards 10:00 AM PT
Mar 25, 2009 SAP Partner Webinar: SAP PartnerEdge and SAP EcoHub: Taking Partnering To A Whole New Level 8:00 AM PT
Mar 18, 2009 Building Rich Data Mashups with BusinessObjects Polestar OnDemand 10:00 AM PT
Mar 11, 2009 How Metadata Management Can Simplify BusinessObjects Enterprise maintenance and deployments 10:00 AM PT
Mar 4, 2009 Extending Crystal Reports 2008 Through Custom Add-Ins 10:00 AM PT
Feb 25, 2009 Introduction to Governance, Risk and Compliance 10:00 AM PT
Feb 18, 2009 Security Integration Between SAP and BusinessObjects Products 10:00 AM PT
Feb 11, 2009 Simplified Crystal Reports Licensing: Introducing Crystal Reports 2008 Developer Advantage 10:00 AM PT
Feb 4, 2009 How SaaS BI Can Improve Your Efficiency in Uncertain Times 10:00 AM PT
Jan 28, 2009 Data Quality Management for SAP Solutions: What is it?!! 10:00 AM PT
Jan 27, 2009 What’s New in Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0 10:00 AM PT
Jan 21, 2009 Create a Universe: The SAP BusinessObjects Semantic Layer 10:00 AM PT
Jan 14, 2009 Introducing the Xclesius Web Intelligence Integration Suite 10:00 AM PT
Jan 7, 2009 The Amazing Xcelsius 2008 SDK and Why It Matters to Everyone 10:00 AM PT

Archived web seminars:

Dashboards and Data Visualization

Title Date
Adding Value to Xcelsius Applications in Xcelsius 2008 17 Sep 08
Creating Adobe Air Applets from Xcelsius Dashboards 5 Nov 08
Creating Xcelsius dashboards off salesforce.com data using LiveOffice and publishing it to crystalreports.com within salesforce 9 Apr 08
Dashboard Manager – Part II 25 Jul 07
Embedding Crystal Xcelsius into Custom Applications 12 Sep 07
End User Portal Enhancements: Infoview and Publishing Consolidated Dashboard Views 13 May 08
Engaging and Interactive Dashboards with Xcelsius 2008 8 May 08
Getting Started with Dashboard Manager 30 May 08
Getting Started with Xcelsius 2008 8 Apr 08
Live Data to Your Xcelsius Dashboards 29 Oct 08
Step by Step Development of a Crystal Xcelsius Web Application 15 Nov 07
Tips & Tricks for Customizing the Xcelsius Application Templates 2 Jul 08
What’s New in Xcelsius 2008 24 Jan 08
Which Dashboarding Solution is Right for You 18 Jun 08
Xcelsius and Query as a Web Service 16 Apr 08
Xcelsius Gurus Top 10 Excel Tips for Success 17 Dec 08
Xtreme Makeover: Xcelsius Edition 12 Nov 08

Information Management

Title Date
An Introduction to Data Cleansing 2 May 07
Federating Data: How to Pull Data from Multiple Sources with EII and ETL Solutions 25 Apr 07
How to Use a RapidMart in Your Application 18 Apr 07
Introducing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) 12 Mar 07
Using a Data Warehouse or DataMart to improve BI Performance 19 Sep 07


Title Date
Crystal Reports Server XI Virtual Appliance 6 Jun 08
Introducing Mobile Business Intelligence (MoBI) 16 May 07
New Innovations at Business Objects Labs 26 Nov 08

Intelligence Platform

Title Date
Building Java Applications with BusinessObjects XI 3.0 25 Jun 08
Business Objects Mid Market Product Roadmap Update 16 Jul 08
BusinessObjects Enterprise Architected for Performance 6 Jun 07
BusinessObjects XI 3.0 26 Feb 08
BusinessObjects XI Integration for SAP Solutions 15 Oct 08
Getting Help for your Business Objects Product 9 Jul 08
How to Use Business Objects BI solutions in an ASP Environment 27 Jun 07
Install, Deploy & Localize Your Embedded Business Objects Solutions 13 Feb 08
Leverage Crystal Reports and Extend Development Across one BI Platform 23 Jul 08
Lifecycle Management inXI 3.1 3 Dec 08
SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 19 Nov 08
Translation for Web Intelligence XI 3.1 10 Dec 08
Universe Best Practices 1 Aug 07
XI Release 2 Productivity Suite 13 Jun 07

Query, Reporting, Analysis

Title Date
Business Objects Edge Series BI Solutions for the Mid Market 23 Mar 08
Customizing Web Intelligence Workflows with WebI Extension Points 2 Apr 08
Developing Custom On Demand BI Applications Using crystalreports.com 30 Jul 08
Fueling your Deployment with Business Intelligence Archive Resource Files (BIAR) 9 May 07
Getting Started with Crystal Report Development 21 Mar 07
Getting Started with Web Intelligence Design 11 Apr 07
Integrating Xcelsius visualizations into Crystal Reports 2008 5 Dec 07
Migrating from Full Client to Web Intelligence 23 May 07
Reporting for Salesforce.com 10 Oct 07
Simplifying Software Consumption 18 Jun 07
Take Action as a Web Service 30 Apr 08
Transforming Unstructured Text into Actionable Data with Business Objects Inxight 26 Sep 07
Understanding Crystal Reports Server Embedded 2008 24 Sep 08

Search and Navigation

Title Date
BI for ‘Real World’ Data 8 Oct 08
Combining the Simplicity of Search with the Power of BI BusinessObjects Polestar 5 Mar 08
Using Text Analytics to Turn Text Into Facts 28 Apr 08
XI Release 2 Voyager 15 Aug 07

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Title Date
BusinessObjects Enterprise Web Services SDK: Completing Administrative Tasks 17 Nov 07
BusinessObjects Web Services SDK An Overview 3 Oct 07
Crystal Reports Server SDKs 22 Oct 08
Embeddable Business Intelligence: What’s New in the SDKs 22 May 08
Hooks for Application Developers: Integrating Business Intelligence for ISVs 6 Feb 08
How to create universe queries and publish them as web services 18 Dec 07
Xcelsius 2008 Component SDK 11 Jun 08


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