Web 2.0 Presentation Tools from SAP – Integrate Twitter into PowerPoint!


In today’s web 2.0 world, sometimes the presenter on stage is the only one who doesn’t know what the audience is thinking – because everybody else is viewing the Twitter stream.

These new prototypes fix that problem, allowing you to give presentations in web 2.0 style, with the comments from your audience appearing directly on the screen, in real time, during your presentation!

Based on the SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius dashboarding technology, but completely free to use, the prototypes can be embedded in any PowerPoint slide deck, and provide a real-time Twitter ticker feed, a Twitter feedback slide, and a set of Twitter voting templates.

Go to the Powerpoint Twitter Tools page on this web site to download the tools!

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    • No, unfortunately, Apple doesn’t support Flash in either Keynote or PowerPoint. You can tweet out during a presentation using ActionScript, though — link in the FAQ on the site…

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  8. Timo,

    This is a very cool feature that you used at the BI Butler event in the Netherlands.
    I will certainly download this and use it myself. I am glad to see innovation is still alive!


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