SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 and EIM 4.0 Key Themes


If you’re interested in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0, you’ll find below the official key messages of today’s launch, which give a great summary of what’s important about the latest release, for customers with and without SAP ERP systems.

Big data in real-time

  • imageReal-time analytics powered by In-memory computing
    • In-Memory Analytics (SAP HANA) – In-memory hardware appliance that is lightning fast on massively high-volumes of data. Enables business in the moment and to perform analysis on all data rather than a subset thereof.
    • IQ – Columnar analytics server designed to increase BI performance by 10x to 1000. Based on proven Sybase technology with more than 1900 customers worldwide.
  • Event driven BI
    • Event Insight – Helps organizations continuously discover and understand complex business events by aggregating and distributing event details in real-time.
  • 5X faster on SAP BW
    • BI Consumer Services (BICS) – Now all the BI clients will use the incredibly optimized and fast BICS connectivity to SAP BW.

Insight with confidence across business and social data

  • imageSentiment analysis enabling text data integration
    • Sentiment / Text analysis – Analyzes unstructured data sources like documents, email, blogs and twitter and summarizes the information into key sentiment that is surfaced throughout the content.
  • Data governance and quality visibility
    • Information Steward – Empowers business and IT users with a single environment to discover, assess, define, monitor and improve the quality of their enterprise data assets.
  • Easiest multi-source authoring
    • Multi-source universes – Whether it’s one source or hundreds, Universes can now include multiple sources making report authoring tremendously easier.

Instant, powerful BI in your hands

  • image Instant mobile BI
    • Mobility – Allow analytics to be delivered in a targeted fashion to any mobile device with stunning visual interactivity and smart search across the content. This is further enhanced by allowing all corporate data to be visible on the mobile device instantly through In-Memory analytics.
  • Easy user experience for everyone
    • Simple and easy UI – BI 4.0 provides unparalleled usability for end-users, analysts and Administrators. New interactive visualizations, and menus are used consistently across the BI Suite (i.e., Web Intelligence, Explorer, Crystal, and Dashboards) ad-hoc analysis and report design are common across the BI suite with common use of the query panel and we can now support 1 to 1,000’s of data sources in a single universe.
  • Embedded in your operations
    • Embedded analytics – Instantly deliver SAP BusinessObjects-based best-practice business content directly embedded in the SAP Business Suite to provide users with insights like never before.

Best fit, right size, right now

  • image The most deployment options
    • Amazon cloud – Deploy your BI solution using Amazon Web Service to roll solutions to anyone when needed without deploying costly hardware to do so.
    • Embedded analytics – Instantly deliver SAP BusinessObjects-based best-practice business content directly embedded in the SAP Business Suite to provide users with insights like never before. (Note, duplicated point, also under instant, powerful BI )
    • Analytic Applications – These flexible applications deliver insight and address a diverse set of industry-specific issues across disciplines including finance, sales, risk management, operations, patient care, strategic planning, customer retention, hydrocarbon operations, and military planning.
  • The best cross-platform integration
    • BI and EIM Integration – With the industries only common platform for Information management and BI SAP uniquely enables users visibility from “data to dashboard” allowing both administrators and end-users to understand the full information lifecycle and evaluate the confidence level based on the source, timeliness and quality of the data they are seeing in BI.
    • Best integration and performance on SAP systems – BI 4.0 leverages native BW connectivity for unparalleled integration and speed on SAP BW. Also leverages SAP Solution manager, change /transport layer, and more.
  • BI and EIM tuned to perfection
    • Optimized BI and EIM platform – Optimized for 64 bit, virtualization. New system monitoring, diagnostics and alerting to optimize deployments.
    • Best of breed EIM platform – Delivers operational ETL capabilities for data migrations and data quality both with and independent from BI projects.

Want more details? There are lots of more detailed resources available: