Diversified Semantic Layer Interview


I’m a bit behind the curve on posts. Here’s a link to the diversified semantic layer podcast where I’m interviewed by Greg Myers after the SAP BusinessObjects User Conference last month.  I encourage you to iTunes to subscribe to the whole series, or you can download the episode directly .

Topics covered:

  • Highlights of why SBOUC is my favorite user conference — but why I think people should also come SAPPHIRENOW / SAP TechEd
  • The future of BusinessObjects 4.0, and why we have to take advantage of the new architectures
  • Why Visual Intelligence is a worthy successor to Desktop Intelligence
  • Doing a better job of supporting the life cycle of Business Intelligence in organizations, from quick-hit project to fully-fledged corporate solution
  • The three big trends in the future of Business Intelligence, including the answer to the question “HANA is a big expensive box, why do you keep talking to me about it?”, “upside-down BI”, and people-centric BI