Could Ebenezer Scrooge Be On YOUR Board?

Could Ebenezer Scrooge be on your board, comfortable with lagging income statement and balance sheet measures, or are you taking advantage of the latest advances in big data to sense changes to your business environment in real time?

SAP and the ‘Nexus of Forces’

Gartner says four hugely disruptive technology trends are converging — the “Nexus of Forces” — bringing change and opportunity to the way businesses operate, and restructuring the IT industry as a whole.

Analytics At SAPPHIRENOW Madrid

I’ll be the Social Media Ambassador for the Analytics Campus at SAPPHIRENOW Madrid, November 13-16, 2012. We’ll be covering technology innovations, and how companies are using these innovations to make a real difference in their business. I’m passionate about Analytics, and I look forward to seeing you there!

YSL – Luxury is About Innovation

Carla de Preval, Digital Marketing Manager for Yves Saint Laurent, explains at LeWeb London that luxury is not just about story-telling and craftsmanship, but also very much about innovation.