See You At SAPInsider BI2015 HANA2015 in Las Vegas?

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I’m looking forward to SAPInsider in Las Vegas, March 9-12. As usual, it’s a combination of various overlapping events, including BI2015 and  HANA2015.

It will be one of my first opportunities to hear from SAP’s new CTO Quentin Clark as he delivers the conference keynote on The new opportunity for business transformation. He will be showcasing “SAP’s unique platform by highlighting the journey of its customers – startups and large enterprises – as they rethink and transform entire industries.”

And as usual, I’m going to have a terrible time choosing between the different sessions. Here are the key ones I’d like to attend, along with the reasons why — I hope to see you there (there are still spots available!).

Because Visualization is Important!

Because Administration is Important!

Because Getting To Business Value is Important!

Because It’s About Looking Forwards, Not Backwards

Because It’s About Culture, Not Technology

Because You Want To Hear About Real-World Deployments!

It’s all about business transformation — come hear about real-world examples.

Finally, the big benefit of these conferences is to hang out with other people facing the same types of challenges as you — SAP Insider has organized a wide range of networking activities.

And personally, I’m no gambler, so if I have any free time, I’ll be trying out some of Las Vegas’ sporting activities, such as the Sky Zone trampoline park:

or Indoor Sky Diving:

indoor skydiving

Anybody care to join me?