A Candid Conversation About Employee Advocacy and Evangelism

Last week I had the opportunity to talk to my former colleague, Sarah Goodall, founder of employee advocacy company Tribal Marketing, and Tim Williams, CEO of Onalytica, a provider of software for influencer marketing.

We had a fun, lively, and candid discussion of what it takes to get your marketing messages heard in 2021, and what organizations should and shouldn’t do to help employees amplify company marketing efforts.

You can see the LinkedIn Live recording here or on YouTube.

Here are just some of the things we touched on!

  • Why  ROI equals “Return on Interesting”
  • Why “marketing is useless!”
  • Why “marketing is part of the customer experience” in complex industries
  • My home TV studio  in action — including “virtual clothes”!
  • Why I have a (healthy) skepticism about social media metrics
  • What’s “marketing mush”, and how can you avoid it?
  • Can YOU tell if somebody was forced to write a blog, or if they wanted to?
  • How do you become a technology evangelist?
  • A reminder that most of your marketing is not being done by your marketing team — and why that’s important…
  • The power of experts
  • Why you should aim to be a “marketing refinery” rather than a “marketing factory”
  • How to persuade experts that it’s worth spending time on social media
  • Surrounding interesting people with the resources they need to get their ideas out