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18 responses to “Subscribe To New Posts”

  1. Dear Timo, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the cartoon of the killer robot from the future. To threaten to kill someone is bad enough but to remind me of his dental appointment is even more painful, hehehe!

    I am compiling lesson materials on AI as a contents developer and I want to include the killer robot cartoon in the chapter on Hollywood killer computers HAL (Space Odyssey) and Skynet (Terminator series).

    Thanks and waiting for more killer robots from you!
    Francis Chin

    • Dear Timo

      I read on your website that all cartoons are free to use and share as long as we would let you know for what purpose. Therefore, I would really like to use your cartoons for future purpose in our client’s (expert in corporate performance management (CPM) and BI) social media content calendar.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Hello,
    I am attempting to acquire the tools necessary to auto tweet during ppt (2010) presentation however I am not able to access the SAP 2.0 website provided in order to dowload the add in I need. Please help! Presentation really needs autotweet functionality

    • I’m really sorry, but because of updates to twitter’s authentication, the plugin no longer works… I hope to resurrect it, but it will take some serious coding…

  3. Hi Timo,

    I like your blogs and have read several of your articles- especially the one on “Why The Last Decade of BI Best-Practice is Rapidly Becoming Obsolete”- some very valuable and insightful information. I also like your analytical cartoons. I have a presentation coming up soon- is it okay if I use a few of them?



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