thumbnails of analytic cartoons


Click on the links below to see cartoons by Timo Elliott!

Please feel free to use these cartoons in your presentations, university courses, books etc, for free, as long as you drop me a line to let me know what you have planned (telliott at timoelliott dot com),

Top cartoon page here, including links to analytics cartoons,  more analytics cartoons, yet more analytics cartoons and artificial intelligence cartoons,  marketing cartoonssocial cartoonsinnovation cartoons, sustainability cartoons, other cartoons.

Analytics Cartoons

thumbnails of analytic cartoons

More Analytics Cartoons

Yet More Analytics Cartoons

Artificial Intelligence Cartoons,

Innovation Cartoons

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57 responses to “Cartoons”

  1. Anine Avatar

    Hi Elliot! Love your cartoons, would like to use some of them in my blog on Medium if that’s possible?

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Anine, please go ahead!


    Hello, Timo:

    The style and quality of the ART in some of your cartoons is delightful to me, particularly the AI cartoons! They appear to be so painstakingly wrought! Did you draw the illustrations yourself or is there someone else who has this phenomenal talent? In any case, I am gobsmacked by them! Thank you for them, their craftsmanship is inspiring to me!

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Enrique, I am not a good artist! I drew the older simple line art examples myself using line tools such as Illustrator, but the more recent and more impressive images are the work of ChatGPT, typically with a lot of combining and corrections in Photoshop to get the image I want.

  3. Ra'ed Avatar

    Dear Tim,

    Can I use one or more of your cartoons on LinkedIn if I do not do any changes and keep your website on them?


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Ra’ed, yes please go ahead…

  4. Dan Hughes Avatar

    Hi Timo!

    Love the cartoons. If I leave your attribution on them am I allowed to post to LinkedIn?


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Dan, please go ahead!

  5. Silvina Avatar

    Hi Timo,

    I’m an Argentinean teacher of English and materials writer based in Spain. I write Business English materials for my own classes and then share them on my website for free so that teachers worldwide have access to high-quality materials to use in their own lessons.

    I would like to know if I can use some of your cartoons for a coming lesson plan on innovation I’m working on at the moment. I’ll share the link with you as soon as I finish it.

    Thanks in advance, keep up up your great work! All the best for 2023!

    Best wishes,


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      ¡Sí, con mucho gusto!

  6. Michaela Salden Avatar

    My name is Michaela Salden and I work as image rights manager of language-educational books for the publishing house Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH in Germany.
    Within our new textbook “Words in Context Lernaufgaben” and the associated Rechteverbund our editors would like to reproduce four of your cartoons. Would you please be so kind and get in touch with me to give you more information about the book an unsage? That would be great, thank you!
    Best Michaela

  7. Kristina Brewer Avatar

    I am a librarian and educator at a small, private university in Indiana. I am seeking permission on behalf of faculty and students at my institution for use of your cartoons in educational presentations with attribution. If seeking permission from each individual faculty member or student is preferred, please let me know and I will post a link to a guide that provides a list of image sources with those instructions.

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar


      Many thanks for asking! – I confirm that you have my permission for any student or faculty to use any of my cartoons in presentations as they wish, without needing to make any further requests… Of course, I always love hearing if they’re being used as part of something cool/useful/educational 🙂

  8. John D Jones Avatar
    John D Jones


    Thanks for making your content available!

    I’d like to use your Data Lake/Data Swamp cartoon in a presentation regarding Data Governance for Data Lakes.

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar


      Please go ahead! Regards, Timo

  9. Bénédicte Leleu Avatar
    Bénédicte Leleu

    First, thank you for your amazing work! If that’s ok with you, we want to use one of your illustration for a powerpoint presentation where we’ll present some customers case studies and what we learned. We’ll add your name (and translate the text in French).
    Thank you and have a great day!

  10. Sumitro Giri Avatar

    Hi Timo,
    Great Cartoons!!!Would it be possible to use the cartoons with attribution? We are a SAP Partner company and we would like to use few of your cartoons for a presentation with SAP and internal calls.

  11. Bernard Slamet Avatar

    Hey Timo! Would I be able to print out your artwork on some T-Shirts and give them out as free merchandise for my company?

  12. David Green Avatar

    Hi Timo,
    Great cartoons! Would it be possible to use any, with attribution/link, on a few company LinkedIn posts? We are a project management SME and we like to post a “Project thought of the week”, sometimes (attempting to be) humourous and your humour really fits well!

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar


      Please go ahead, you have my full permission…


  13. Martha Montoya Avatar

    Thank you for the laughs!! We will use once in a while your cartoons and give you full credit!

  14. Laura Preising Avatar
    Laura Preising

    Hey Timo,
    i’d love to use your cartoon for sharing some articles on my and my colleague’s social media posts on AI. (we’ll reference you in it)

    Let me know if that’s okay 🙂

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Laura, please go ahead…

  15. Elizabeth B Bondy Avatar

    Hi, I would like to be able to use one of your images for a report I am doing in my Critical Thinking class. I am analyzing a section of a publication called the Global Happiness Policy Report 2018. The selection focuses on growing technology and makes references to artificial intelligence taking human jobs. Your illustration with the robot pointing out inefficiencies is a good fit. May I use it?

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Beth, you have my full permission to use my cartoons — I’m honored, thank you for asking, please go ahead, and best of luck with your report!

  16. Joshua Avatar

    Hi, I’d love to use your cartoons for an online article about AI and the media. Thanks, Joshua

  17. RRajmane Avatar

    Would love to use some of your cartoons for an e-newsletter. hope that ok.

  18. Damian Avatar

    Hi…I would be most grateful if i could use your cartoons on my Leadership blog for new aspiring managers & leaders. I will post a link back to your site if that is ok?

    Many thanks

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Damian, please go ahead…

  19. Kim Crispin Avatar

    Hi Timo,

    Thank you for allowing the use of your slides for an internal company marketing/sales meeting.

    Kind regards,

  20. John Newell Avatar
    John Newell

    I would like to use some of your cartoons in a degree course, Diploma in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Sounds like a great topic — best of luck, and you have my full permission….

  21. Katharine Avatar

    Hi Timo,
    I’d like to use some of your cartoons for an e-newsletter related to data storage. May I have your permission?

  22. Nils Avatar

    Hi Timo,
    Thanks for creating these awesome cartoons. I would like to use some cartoons for an email I am sending out to some customers. Is that okay?
    Best Nils

  23. sandeep dhall Avatar
    sandeep dhall

    Hi Timo
    I saw a cartoon regarding Predictive Maintenance -“Henry its for you -apparently your heart is about to fail…”

    I saw in many years back in an SAP presentation. Loved it so much that saved it.

    I plan to use it in my upcoming book that has a chapter talking about future and technology-related stuff.

    Hoping I can get your approval for same


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Sandeep, you have my full permission… good luck with the book!

  24. Karin P. Avatar
    Karin P.

    Hey Timo, your cartoons are awesome. I am writing the SAP documentation in our internal company wiki and would like to install some of your cartoons. Is that OK for you?

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Karin, yes! please go ahead…

  25. Karin P. Avatar
    Karin P.

    Hey Timo,
    your cartoons are awesome, I would like to include some in our internal company wiki. Is that ok for you?
    Kind regards from Germany

  26. Uthaiah KP Avatar
    Uthaiah KP

    Hey Timo, I really like your cartoons and wanted to use few of them for an article I am writing on LinkedIn.

    I will reference the link at the bottom of the article.

    Hope it is fine with you. Thank you.

  27. Henrik Nielsen Avatar

    Hi Timo, I am using one of your cartoons for a presentation I am doing next week, to underline the complexity of building your own analyitcs infrastructure instead of going with SaaS technology. (“Can you help me with my analutics?” “No, I am too busy building a new analytics infrastructure”). Thanks for some very precise and funny cartoons!

  28. Danielle Johnson Avatar
    Danielle Johnson

    Hi Timo,

    I’d like to use two of your cartoons in my powerpoint presentation for a library conference. I’ve provided the url to this site on each slide that uses the cartoons. I hope that’s ok?


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Danielle, please go ahead!

  29. Ajay Singha Avatar
    Ajay Singha

    Excellent Cartoons! Can I use them for an article I want to publish on LinkedIn? Will be happy to provide a link and of course provide source credits.


    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Ajay, sure, thanks for letting me know, please go ahead…

  30. Emanuele O. Avatar
    Emanuele O.

    Dear Mr. Elliott,

    I will use the cartoon “The good news is I have discovered inefficiencies” as the final slide of my presentation on machine learning.
    Kind regards.

    1. Timo Elliott Avatar

      Emanuele, thanks for letting me know — I hope the presentation goes well!

  31. Magnus Engeset Avatar
    Magnus Engeset

    Dear Timo Elliott, I very much like the cartoons that you make. And I have the same request as other people have on you blog. At the University Hospital in Northern Norway we (try to) work with innovative solutions. Would it be possible to use some of your cartoons in our presentations about innovation?

    All the best

    Magnus Engeset

  32. Lesley Hodgson Avatar
    Lesley Hodgson

    Have sent email about your Hippo cartoon. thank you.

  33. caroline Avatar

    Dear Timo, I would like to use one of your cartoons for a client newsletter on predictive analytics. Please let me know whether this is possible and what are your copyright terms. Thanks a lot and cheers from Switzerland, Caroline

  34. Laureen Meyer Avatar

    Good Morning,
    Could you please tell me how we can get permission to use a cartoon for a newsletter we are doing?
    Thank you.

  35. Rick Chandler Avatar

    Hello Timo
    I’d like to use a couple of your cartoons for a presentation I am doing last week. I’ll leave your details intact but as it’s an audience of lawyers I feel I should get your permission.
    Event url is below

    If you are visiting Europe in November I have an event in Paris which might interest you.

  36. LNolan Avatar

    May we use some of you cartoons, giving credit to Timo Elliot and
    for an upcoming powerpoint? Thank you,

  37. LNolan Avatar

    Hello, May we use some of yor cartoon for an upcoming Power Point Presentation?

  38. Rosemary Rich Avatar
    Rosemary Rich

    Would it be ok to use the big data comic in a presentation on reporting data? Let me know.

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